Must Have Wall Arts for your Nursery

So much wall arts to choose from! So little wall space! Do you feel the same?

If you don’t want to be freaked out by the sight of Mickey Mouse staring at you from the wall, we’ve got some great alternatives.

Which one is your favorite? We love number 4!

Encourage the wanderlust in your little one’s mind as early as possible. Sure, they don’t understand it at first but images can imprint on their subconscious and might manifest when the mind needs it the most. Black and white will never go wrong and wall arts like this won’t as well.

Simple yet super profound words of wisdom you wish you could tell your kids every single day to remind them their dreams matter. This gold gradient wall art is so eye-catching your little one will surely stare at this and remember it for life.

Turquoise and gold – a perfect combo of royalty and hip. Again, an aesthetic your kid won’t appreciate but what do they know at that age? If it makes you happy, then go for it! Love the message, though.

If only they knew how accurate this statement is. Get a few laughs here and there whenever you read wall arts such as this. You can’t help it. It is funny as heck.

Pun? Yes, it is pun-y. Hahaha. Sorry, couldn’t help it. On a more serious note, what could be better than incorporating animals to hipster wall arts? Nothing. Great job on whoever is behind this genius creation.

Oh, the wordplay. Yes, our kids are one in a million or should I say, one in a melon?  Cute. No other words for it and can’t help but love it.

Who wouldn’t gush over cartooned minimalistic wall arts of polar bears? Awww inducing moment right here.

Doesn’t this remind you of 18th-century streets of France or London? It certainly sucks me into the world of The Little Prince which is a recommended book to read to your toddlers. The colors and the shapes will definitely get your angel’s attention.

Realistic sketches of bunnies as wall arts? Yes, please!

I don’t know what it is about arrows but they’re such a trend right now. Maybe because once shot there’s no stopping it until it reaches its target? Life should be like that. Teach your kids to do that as well. Just inspiring.

OMG. This one looks like the baby version of Po! You know, from Kung Fu Panda? He was totally adorbs when he was a cub! This is just too cute.

Yup, tell the world your boy is handsome! Baby talk your way into letting him know, too. You’re sure to get a bunch of giggles here and there. :)

Did you know that the elephant has the most prominent maternal instinct out of the entire animal kingdom? What an appropriate animal to display as wall arts. Makes your maternal instincts kick in, too!

Yes, she is. This is a more feminine version of the “Hello There, Handsome” wall art. The caligraphy and gold elements is such a perfect combo.

Chic! No other words!

I’m a big fan of illustrations and the heavenly bodies. Putting them together just sells me on getting these wall arts for my room instead of in a nursery.

Wall arts are fun to choose.

It’s like looking through a stack of photos.

You can make them as personal as you want as long as they remain age appropriate if you get what I mean.

There are plenty of online stores who sells really high quality wall arts. In case you need more ideas, check out

Some of our other favorites

Got any ideas for nursery wall arts you’d like to share? Hit us up with a comment below!


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