An Amazing Survival Story of a Premature Twin Baby

In June of 2010, the Cobbing couple gave birth to twins. Should have been such a joyous event right? But things didn’t go as planned. The Cobbing twin girls were born prematurely at 27 weeks where one of the twins, Lily, was the same length of only a ball point pen.

Lily only weighed 390 grams and didn’t even have enough time in the womb for her eyes and ears to develop completely.

Premature twins

Summer, Lily’s twin, was twice her weight coming out at 840 grams.

Lily was tiny, tiny,” Michelle Roberts-Cobbing said.

“Her ears were like little, dried apricots, her tummy was so see through you could see her organs and her eyes were still shut for a few more weeks.”

Summer and Lily’s mom received daily ultrasound check up plus was closely monitored her entire pregnancy until on June 9th of 2010, her doctor told her the girls had to come out ASAP.

Lily was not doing well and had to be taken out 3 months too early via c-section.

premature twins
Daily Mail

“They monitor it all so closely – if Lily had passed away in the womb, Summer would have had a stroke and die as well.”

There were tears. It was scary but you just do what you have to do for them,” said Michelle.

premature twins
The Sun

Though both of the girls came out breathing, they were soon put on ventilators and transferred to the neonatal intensive care unit of the Adelaide Hospital.

When they wheeled Lily out, the doctor said she grabbed onto his glove and it snapped back on his hand which he said was a good sign that Lily is a fighter.

However, Lily’s condition began failing and the Cobbing parents were told to prepare for the worst thing that could happen.

premature twins
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The twins parents then decided to put them together in one crib in hopes that Summer can help Lily if they were close together like they were in the womb and it was a magical sight to witness.

“Lily snuggled into Summer and Summer snuggled into Lily.” 

premature twins

The Cobbings brought Summer home just after 3 months but had to leave Lily behind. Five months after, Lily was reunited with her twin at home.

She had problems with her heart and chronic lung disease and got a staph infection – she came home and was on oxygen until she was two-and-a-half years old.

premature twins
Daily Mail

Now, both at the age of 5, Summer and Lily are happily living lives of normal 5-year olds.

Mum Michelle explained: “Summer is dramatic and Lily is very laid back and goes with the flow.”

They love all the little girlie things and Lily loves Star Wars and Chewbacca.”

“We’re just so proud of them.”

What an incrdible story. The bond between siblings really is strong.

Kinda makes me want to watch Frozen.

Such an encouraging story of love, hope and faith which makes even the hopeless see a brighter future. Lily is indeed a fighter and we just can’t wait to hear the great things she will accomplish in life.

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