Newborn Survival Kit

As you probably noticed, newborns don’t come with a manual (we wish!).

Raising a baby is nothing like keeping a pet. They don’t come with a full-packaged set of instincts the moment the come out of the womb.

There are so many unknowns especially if you’re a new parent and to be honest, these unknowns are daunting.

When to feed them, change them, how much they need to eat, how do you know when they are sick?

What do you need to watch out for and when to see a doctor?

If this isn’t your first child, you’d probably be nodding your head in agreement but if this is your first child, this might be a little bit of an information overload.

Luckily, the good people at put together this handy infographic which illustrates the basic must-knows and must-dos for newborns!

Take it easy, take notes and bookmark this post so you can come back to it everytime you need to.

Check it out:



Seems like a lot of information from such a short infographic, right? We can only wish that babies have a 24/7 call center for technical support. Wouldn’t it be nice to just dial a 1-800 number whenever your baby cries and you have no idea why?

Babies are hard but compared to the joy they bring us? Nothing can and will ever replace that.

Biggest and most important tip is this: enjoy your babies while you can. Because, soon enough, they will be leaving the nest and building a family of their own. It’s a warm feeling to know you’ve done your part and you’ll be expecting late night calls from them asking you for wisdom when they get their first baby.

Then you can tell them, “Been there, done that!.”


Newborn Basic Needs


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