Our Favorite Viral Wedding Stories

What does it take for a story to viral?

If it’s related to a wedding, you’re off to a good start!

Originally published at Bridal Guide, here is a round up of our favorite viral wedding stories.

1. Canada’s tallest structure

They took the new heights to a new level. This Canadian couple got married 1116 stories above the ground, they wanted some exciting place to get married and we can all agree they nailed it!

Photo courtesy of CN Tower
Photo courtesy of CN Tower

2. Remember Jurassic Park?

Shared over 12.000 times on just the photographer’s page, this photo took the internet by storm! Must be the best wedding photo ever featuring your favorite pet!

Photo courtesy of Quinn Miller Photo
Photo courtesy of Quinn Miller Photo

3. Dream Wedding by Pinterest

Amanda is just like any other woman in the world. She has a Pinterest board with the title “Dream Wedding”.

What she didn’t know was that her boyfriend has secretly planned a wedding based on the 200 photos she collected and tried to bring her dream into reality. How did he do? Check the video documentary!

4.  Wedding Gown that has traveled more than you

“If Jennifer Salvage’s wedding dress could talk, it would have some pretty wild travel stories to tell. It’s gone dog sledding in Iceland, paragliding in New Zealand, and even taken an under-the-sea dip in Maui. The gown’s been worn in 19 locations across six continents and has traveled a total of 147,500 miles.”

image: Jeff Salvage
image: Jeff Salvage

5. Epic Dance by the Groom

Surprise wedding dances by couples are old news. This groom decided to take initiative into his own hands and rehearsed this epic dance with his groomsmen! Hands down the best synchronized wedding performance we have seen in long time!

6. Forever single?

This lady caught 46 wedding bouquets and is still single. Tradition says if you manage to catch a wedding bouquet, you’ll get married next (usually within a year they say)! We’ll this one got a few, didn’t work, so instead she decided she will turn it into a world record.












7. Bride & Groom Praying before ceremony

“The U.S. Marine and his bride who were seen praying together in a viral photo taken just moments before they said their vows have revealed the story behind the touching image.”

“We were about to take our first steps in life together, and we didn’t want to take a step without it being in God’s will,” Earwood told Today.com. “I prayed to God for my beautiful and intelligent wife that he blessed me with and the amazing family I was marrying into.”

The groom has asked to meet with the bride before the ceremony, they prayed together with their eyes closed and saw each other for the first time at the altar. Just beautiful!

Story via TheBlaze.com



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