3 Simple Tips for Busy Parents

When you’re a parent and trying to make a living too, life can turn into a constant state of juggling too many things at the same time.

You have to make time for meetings, hanging out with kids, homework, making dinner, and more.

You can’t just run off to the Caribbean for a month, or at least no one will let you.

Good news is, there are some simple changes you can make to your lifestyle, which will have an immediate impact on your busy schedule.

1. Single-Task It

You might think that checking your email while cooking dinner is helping you to save time but all it does is make you really inefficient at two tasks.

Studies show that it can take you whole 30 minutes to get back on task after being interrupted. That is why you need to make sure that you designate your time to performing one task at a certain time, without any interruptions.

Think about how you spend your days and what are the most important tasks you need to deal with. Prioritize them and allocate time in a day for these.

Once you start with one activity, fully focus only on that one, until it is finished.

Don’t try to accomplish too much within one day, set realistic goals.

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2. Double Up on Meals

Making dinner is a hassle, especially for working parents.

And no, ordering takeaway every night is not acceptable and doesn’t count as cooking. Having a healthy and nutritious meal is very important. One thing that can save you a lot of time is to prepare a meal plan for the week and shopping list.

No more time wasted browsing the shop aisles looking for inspiration what to cook. It is also a lot cheaper as you don’t end up buying stuff that doesn’t get used and gets thrown away.

Try to choose recipes that can be cooked in large portions and freeze leftovers.

It is perfectly acceptable to have the same meal over 2-3 nights, what you can do is to prepare some variations, for example have different sides for the main course, or serve it with different seasoning. Lasagna is a perfect example.

Make a big tray of lasagna, one night you could serve it with fresh salad, other night with some steamed vegetables. Pretty cheap to make and feeds an army.

Cooking NY Times

3. Delegate Tasks

Delegating tasks works in the workplace so why not try it at home. Don’t be a martyr and try to do everything yourself. You need to ask your children and spouse to help you do things around the home.

Sure, you know exactly how you want it done but sometimes you need to give other people a chance to help out. If you’re a control freak like me, try to delegate small easy tasks first and then gradually progress to the more important one. Letting go is a wonderful feeling and you’ll be grateful for all the extra time you’ll have for yourself or other things you never got a chance to do.

kids helping
the homee

Have you tried any of the above yourself? Which of these worked best for you?

Do you have your own little life hacks to get the most out of your time? Leave a comment below!


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