Parents and Childless Couples - 5 Things They Have in Common

You know what I’m talking about.

Once you get kids, it may seem like you entered a brand new world to which your childless friends didn’t receive an invite.

You can’t blame them for yawning at the thought of endlessly discussing your kid’s latest diaper ventures.

You and your childless friends are now living on the other side of the same continent. Your idea of cocktail hour is the time between your kids falling asleep and you sneaking in an hour with your favorite show as a reward for getting through another day.

Keeping a common ground can be a bit of a challenge

It is hard to keep the friendship alive especially since your priorities are now different. One thing you need to remember is that comparisons never work.

You shouldn’t lecture your friends about hard life with kids and put them off having offspring for life.

Instead, focus on things that you can both relate to. Here are some examples.

1. You Feel Tired After a Long Night

Number one topic of discussing among parents is the sleepless nights and feeling tired all the time. 2 am is no stranger to parents just like it’s no stranger to childless couples who make their way home from a bar after getting acquainted with too many cocktails.

While parents get used to it and can recover from sleepless nights pretty quickly, partying with tequila can have more long term consequences. And not cute ones.

2. You Don’t Remember the Last Time You Went Out

You can’t remember because it’s such a rare occasion that it requires a particular date in a calendar to be booked months ahead. Your friends can’t remember because of the blackout thanks to Miss Tequila they met that night.

When you do get out, half of the time you spend thinking if the kids are sleeping or climbing on the roof. So if feels like you never left the house in first place.

3. Weekends Are Party Time

Whether you have kids or not, weekends are there for the party and having a good time.

For kids, it means making more mess than usual and mommy having her well-deserved glass of wine while ignoring the havoc around

For those without kids weekends are a good excuse to do something our of ordinary, so that you have something to talk about in the office on Monday morning.

4. You Love Acting Like a Kid

If you are surrounded by people you love and trust, then everyone loves acting like a kid. When you have kids acting like a child is just tons of fun because you get to make them laugh and smile, and there is no better feeling. When you don’t have kids, acting like a child is still a blast because you get to let loose and just have fun.

Both require people that you love and trust around you so that you can be yourself. You know that your kids will love you no matter what and if you don’t have kids, then you get a group of friends or a few beers, and you just have fun. There is nothing more fun than acting like a child.

5. You Love Sex

If you have kids, you love having sex because well it’s much harder and might not happen as often. It becomes all the more unique because you have to sneak it into those rare moments.

When you don’t have kids, sex is exciting and adventurous and unpredictable.


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