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Paris desserts are one of the most coveted edibles in the world. When you talk about the city of love, you think of food, pastries and art. Well, @desserted_in_paris is an Instagram account that taken the dessert world AND the fashion world like a storm. You’re probably wondering how dessert and fashion go together. Tal Spiegel fashions his desserts to match his shoes. Outrageous, right? You won’t think so the moment you see his creations.

Check out these desserts to die for!

1Cherry Tart by @lesbellesenvies

I don’t know what looks better – that cherry tart or those really good looking purple shoes! I love purple and I would not mind a guy who can wear purple leather with class!

The gold and the brown makes such a warm combination. I love eclairs and this looks so delectable! Not a big fan of the gold shoes but I will not hesitate to try one of the best and most famous Paris desserts!

3Cupcakes by @lemeuriceparis

Any girl would love to receive a dozen of these on Valentines day. This would be better than real flowers if you ask me. The best of Paris desserts in a cute box after a bottle of champagne together sounds like a great way to spend love day.

4La Fruitee by @foucade_paris

At first, I thought those were cheese slices and bacon bits on top. Surprisingly, those are mango slices on top of an almond dough tart! If only there was one where I live, I won’t be able to resist sinking my teeth into this!

5Grand Bassam by @boulangeriebo

This is a chocolate overload that I will not say no to! I bet it’s not even that sweet, to begin with. I take it they use the best dark chocolate and the gluten free chocolate biscuits is an added plus!

6Japanese Cake by @patisserietomo

Japanese and French pancake fusion to satisfy both the Asian and Western palates. I bet the lemon yuzu cream makes it a topper on the best Paris desserts! The shoes remind me of the Bee Movie. Classic and still a fan!

7Macarons by @lagrandeepicerie

Apparently, tonka is similar to vanilla beans with a more distinct fruity taste. I’ve never tried tonka before but if it taste as good as vanilla beans do in pastries, then I’m not one to be choosy!

8Golden Apple @fauchon_paris

Can you just imagine what gastronomical surprises are in store for your taste buds once you break through the perfect globe of gold? If I were to choose, I’d love for the best dark chocolate to ooze out of that apple dome. But, I wouldn’t mind the cinnamon, cream cheese and lime flavors also.

9Tarte Orange Noisette by @cyril_lignac

Those are some crazy looking shoes. And, that is one crazy delicious looking dessert. I’ve never been a fan of orange flavored stuff but if this is one of the best Paris desserts, I’d even give this a try.

10Le Savoureux by @maisonladuree

The dessert looks so mouthwatering and if only I can afford to fly over to Paris right now, I would just so I could try this for myself! The shoes look very dapper as well.

11Bibliothèque Bûche by @cafepouchkine

Would you believe that the entire thing is edible? I could not believe it as well. I would say the same for the shoes. It’s undeniably unbelievable that such shoes actually exist. Are they inspired by McDonald’s? Well, if he can rock it, then I’m impressed!

12Leo Pole by @dalloyauparis

This looks too pretty to eat. I don’t even want to touch it and risk ruining the perfect bear shape! But, at the same time, I can’t help but want to taste the Venezuelan cacao. Just by reading the description, I already know this would be an experience that cannot be forgotten!

13Paris Brest Sesame by @gateauxthoumieux

My Asian tastebuds would definitely enjoy this. Like this funny-shoes wearing chef, I love the taste of sesame – whether it be oil or the seeds. But, I can honestly say I’ve never imagined the existence of sesame praline and cream. Jotting this down on my food bucket list!

14Grapefruit Green tea Cheesecake by @boulangerieutopie

Are you sure this dessert isn’t from Hawaii? The sunset colors and the flowers scream Hawaii to me right away. Did you get the same feel? Then again, Paris desserts can probably draw inspiration from any country with ease.

15Roulé Sésame by @boulangerieutopie

When I first saw this, I thought the pastry geniuses in Paris have managed to figure out how to infuse squid ink in a dessert. Apparently, this is vegetable charcoal! I’ve never heard of such a thing, but oh, the things the gastronomic world of food can bring!

16Emoji Bonbons by @salonduchocolat

One emoji bonbon for every mood you feel during the week. I think this is one of the most fun Paris desserts I’ve ever seen. Creative. Fun. And probably as good as it looks!

17Blueberry Cake by @boulangerieutopie

Nothing is bluer than blue than this blueberry cake. Seriously, that is the most perfect shade of blue and the gloss just makes it even classier! The frosted blue leather shoes are also lit! This is one cake I would not mind just staring at because of how perfect it looks!

So, what do you think? Are you all drooling?

I know I am. I have just recently clicked on the follow button for @desserted_in_paris so I get regular updates of what they are showcasing next. Sure, I’ll be envious as hell but since Paris is so far away, I’m happy to just be a close spectator of these beauties.

Which one of these did you like the most? Let us know with a comment, people!


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