Your Kids as Designers – Wear Your Imagination is the Newest Fashion Craze


Well, ladies and gentlemen, the fashion industry has done it again. But, this latest fashion craze was not birthed by well-known brands such as Guess, Gucci, Chanel or any other brands that graced the NY fashion week. It didn’t come from the brains of Vogue, Elle or some other big name in the fashion journalism.

As a matter of fact, the genius behind all this is a mom and entrepreneur whose only aim was to specialize a dress for her daughter.

Jaime Newberry founded “Picture This” which is an online clothing company that literally lets kids wear their imagination.

picture this

According to Newberry, Zia, her daughter, and her artwork inspired the creation of ‘Picture This’

One Winter break not long ago, I made a dress for my daughter Zia, based off of a drawing she had done. Zia loved it and it has since been a big hit with everyone that’s seen it, and could often be quoted saying, “I’m wearing my imagination!”

picture this

Because of how well received the dress was, Newberry collaborated with friends, Ken, Igi and Stephan, on how to turn such concept to something concrete. In addition, Zia’s friends and classmates responded positively and even requested if they can wear their imagination as well.

Newberry says that her team has looked into creating custom sewn dresses on a massive scale but would take a lot of logistic preparations. Furthermore, the costs, according to her, would be too expensive.

Zia’s original dress as pictured above cost +$72 in fabric and 12+ hours of time for me to pattern and sew. In short — expensive!

With further brainstorming, Newberry and her friends were able to come up with a more economic solution that would also be a stable business proposal. Thus, leading to the birth of Picture This.

How “Picture This” Works

picture this

‘Picture This’ has an online store where parents can place their orders.

To start with, parents would choose a dress size and a coloring template that are downloadable from the website. The template must then be printed out and colored by their child.

picture this

Then, once the template has been designed, the completed design can be uploaded onto the website.

Next, you can finalize your orders and wait for the dress to arrive within a few weeks.

‘Picture This’ Dresses

Incidentally, there is no denying how much girls love their dresses. Social media websites such as Instagram have welcomed the bright smiling faces with open arms.

Obviously, the little girl who designed this dress loves popcorn!

Rather than manually coloring their template, they opted for pasting a digital design instead! Love how her  dress looks 3D.

Three different sizes for her and her dolls!

I love the mix of colors and the abstract effect. All in all, this is a work of art!

I can’t believe a kid designed the perfect summer dress!

I wouldn’t even hesitate to wear a dress like this. Do they have sizes for adults??

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For some reason, it looks like it was drawn by a professional. It’s either that or this little girl is an artist in the making!

What a way to never have trouble with beads coming off the dress! Print those beads on it instead!

Now, these are very chic!

Dresses for girls aren’t the only things they make. ‘Picture This’ also has dress sizes for dolls so little girls can play dress up. Although as of now they only offer dresses, Newberry confirmed that they’re looking into expanding to other material as well.

At any rate, I’m certain their expansion will be as great if not greater and we’re all looking forward to it. Check out their website here!


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