30+ Jaw Dropping Playhouse Ideas that you Would Want to Live in

Playhouses have been a part of childhood for a very long time. They were called dollhouses and many toy manufacturers have taken advantage of the dollhouse craze.

Remember Polly Pockets? It’s a pocket-sized dollhouse for little plastic dolls your child can bring with her.

Then, came the Barbie Dolls with their larger dollhouses, and they were called Playhouse Barbie with the matching Ken Dolls.

The boys had treehouses to play in. Why can’t girls who don’t play with dolls get the same, right? Well, you’re about to be convinced to build your kids their very own playhouses.

Check out these playhouse ideas and get inspired and get your carpenter ready.

Country Playhouse


What once was a playset has been remodeled to be the perfect country playhouse a little girl can ask for. It is complete with an antique kitchen, a wooden table, floral curtains, and pastel-colored pillows.

The playhouse also has shutters and a swing outside. This is indeed a dream playhouse any girl would enjoy and create lasting memories of her childhood in. Check out the full inspiration here.

Basement Playhouse


If you’re able to see through the bottom windows, you’d see this indoor playhouse has a pretend kitchen with probably a working mini-fridge. The ladder access to the upper floor is very convenient considering there’s probably no stairs inside.

Scandinavian Makeover


How about turning the usual playhouse into a tiny yet beautiful shack where your little ones can play pretend they own an ice cream stand. You can even equip it with actual glasses and straws. Then play pretend with your kids. Bring out a few tubs of ice cream and fresh lemonade and have a grand afternoon in your dainty playhouse!

Full inspiration here.

Grand Treehouse


Here is one so grand, your entire family will want to spend a lot of time in it. Your kids will truly enjoy it from their childhood until they become teenagers. Your backyard will be the talk of the town and your kids will never have the need to go play at the park. They can simply invite their friends over and have tons of fun in the comfort of their own home.

Fully equipped with a hanging bridge, spiral slide, and a fully livable interior, this is one for the books of best playhouse ideas ever. See the grand blueprint here.

Tiny Cafe Playhouse

I am in love with how rustic this tiny cafe is and it’s just perfect! It doesn’t even look like you would need fancy materials. A bunch of leftover crates and you’re set to go! Have a carpenter help you if you’re not well versed with carpentry. Then, you can add your personal touch at the end.

Perfect Hideout

I don’t know if you’ve seen the hit cartoon show in the 90s called “Kids Next Door”. This reminds me of their hideout though this is a lot nicer. I love the gray and white colors and even the windows that are purposely askew. Your little boys would totally love you if you build them one of these.

Backyard Makeover


How about creating a totally separate tiny house for your little girl to play house in? If you have the space for it, then by all means. You’ll be contributing a lot to a healthy and happy childhood. Then, when she’s older, she can pass it on to her younger siblings.

Check out the full scope of the playhouse.

Custom Luxury Playhouse

source -gingersnapskids.com

To be honest, this is a full-on livable cabin already. One full-grown adult can probably live there. And, get this. This luxury playhouse costs $23,500! You can already buy a second-hand card! Then again, if you’ve got the bucks for it, then why not, right? Get your source – gingersnapskids.com.

Bali Hut 


Bring a little bit of a tropical paradise right in your backyard with this inspiration. Feel like you and your kids are in a nipa hut somewhere southeast like Bali or Thailand. It will be your own little patch of heaven. Check out the idea here.

Basic Treehouse


Basic? I think it’s perfect. If I had something like this when I was a little girl, I would be spending a lot of time in it with a few good books and just be reading the day away. I also dig the rope swing. It’s the perfect cozy nook for an introverted child.

Little Home

I don’t why but this gives me a homey feeling. The colors, the windows, and that wooden chair on the mini porch just scream home to me. I might fashion my future country home from this. Love it!

Farmer’s Market Cubby


Oh, the many wonderful memories a child can create in this tiny cubby. Who knows? Your child might aspire to become a business owner someday and establish a chain of stores cross-country. We don’t realize that sometimes their greatest dreams are birthed from simply pleasant childhood memories.

Candy Colored House


I am so having this made when I have a daughter. This is so cute and the candy-colored paint is perfect for a little girl! The vintage cup and saucer compliment the old-style look. It makes you think of the 50s or the 40s. See the full look here.

Plain and Simple


If the thought of playhouse ideas doesn’t attract your kids, the slide surely will. Bring them tea once in a while so they can play tea party inside the house. You can even schedule a play date to make things better! And, I love how this style isn’t limited to just female use. Your boys will also enjoy the slide.

Blue House


If I didn’t know this article is for the playhouse ideas, I would think this is taken out of the catalog for Tiny Homes. The pale blue color is perfect and works so well with the white wicker set. Even the landscape is obviously done by a professional. It may cost quite an amount but the smile on your daughter’s face is worth more.

Dreamy Cottage


For some reason, I’m expecting Snow White or Princess Aurora to come out of the front door, singing with a basket in tow. This is dreamy and very Disney-princess like in every angle. You should see the inside. This is a total dream cottage in the woods! Check it out here.

Simply White


According to this mom, she refurbished this old shed to be a playhouse for her kids. The kids’ grandparents also love spending time with their grandkids in this tiny but cozy space. And, she did everything with the help of IKEA! Oh, IKEA is love. See the 360 here.

Red Barn House


The first thing that caught my eye is the wall climbing bit. Though it would be too short for an adult, I can already imagine my kids enjoying the heck out of this. The slide is also a big thumbs up! Get yours here.

White Cubby 


If only there was some way to make this mobile, I would wheel it out to my front yard and have a totally different lemonade stand. I bet some of my neighborhood folks would enjoy the little shaded sitting area with their friends. This would be a great way for my kids to have fun and learn work ethics as well. See the full inspiration here.

Modern Glass House


How modern looking is this, right? The glass and wood modern combo is neutralized by the blue wicker swing in the front. It brings about a more homey feeling that you don’t usually get from modern designs. So many playhouse ideas to choose from.

Surf Shack


So, have you ever thought of bringing the beach to your usual suburban area? A surf shack like this will certainly bring a bit of that in the midst of the colder weather. I don’t know about you but I think this makes a perfect little reading nook. The sunlight would probably seep through those glass windows perfectly.

Victorian Cottage


Oh, feed my Jane Austen fan mode. For me, I feel like I’ve been sucked right into Pride and Prejudice. Just absolutely dreamy!

The window shutters have unique features during all seasons, so your kids could play there even in cooler and colder temperatures.

The beautiful flower boxes on the windows are just gorgeous.  Plus your little kids will learn how to grow and plant flowers.

Colorful Outdoors


There’s no way you won’t find the bursts of color eye-catching. If the colors don’t catch your attention, realizing it’s actually a playhouse surely will.

Gingerbread Playhouse


It looks sweet enough to take a bite off of! And, it such a pretty sight to see! I don’t mind celebrating Christmas all year round in any of these playhouse ideas.

Wild Wild West


If you’re wondering if we’ve raided a movie set, no, we haven’t. It looks good enough to be in a movie, though!

Princess Cottage


If you’re getting the opening song from Beauty and the Beast feel, you’re not alone. I imagine people are going to break out into ‘Bonjour’s any time now. I am in love with all the bricks!

Simple and Pretty Playhouse Ideas


OMG. I cannot help but think this is a miniature house from the Nicholas Sparks movie called The Choice. Gabby’s beach house looks so much like this one even down to the white wooden chairs! Talk about movie-inspired!

So, there you have more than a couple of dozen inspirations to get you started. I’m sure you’re convinced by now that your kids will totally dig a playhouse in the backyard.

If you want to get them to play outside more, this might be one of the ways to go. Pretty soon, they’ll be forgetting about their iPads and Xboxes.

What are you waiting for? Time to get your spouse and contractors involved!


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