Potty training is one heck of a messy job.

Changing a diaper is already messy. How much more teaching your toddlers how to use the potty like an adult?

There’s bound to be pee squirting and poop on the floor until they fully understand what it is.

It’s been claimed any times that girls adapt to potty training faster than boys do. There’s no scientific study to back this up.

Maybe it’s because girls are naturally more hygienic than boys?

But for you new parents who have yet to face the potty training challenge, let me give you a heads up of what it’s really like to train and the difference between girls and boys.

Of course, boys have schlongs and girls have tacos but they also have other differences too.

When potty training girls…

1. Make sure the stream goes downward

potty training

The reason why girls pee in a sitting position is to avoid spraying. If you want to avoid a liquid mess, make sure you hold your daughter down in a sitting position.

It’s all about aiming downward.

2. Readiness

potty training

Girls are said to be ready earlier than boys. Yes, that’s the dominant woman trait we have coming out as early as 18 months.

No, we are not better than boys. Well, maybe just a bit. 😉 #GirlPower

3. Girls need to be taught how to wipe

potty training

Teach her young to be clean and hygienic. Showing her how to wipe her flower will etch the act in her auto response. Once she gets the hang of it, she’ll be the one reminding you to give her a wet wipe after she does number 1.

4. Show her how

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Okay so maybe your daughter has followed you to the bathroom every time you have to go every since she learned how to walk. Your job is easier then. The bathroom would be a familiar place to her and the act of you sitting on the toilet is also un-foreign to her.

Now’s the best time to get her a potty training toilet of her own. She’ll want to copy you. And although she won’t fully understand, start talking her through it. She’ll catch up real quick.

5. Toilet humor won’t be as funny for long

potty training
Persephone Magazine

There’s something about the toilet or peeing in the toilet that makes kids laugh. I personally think its the thought of having your pants down.

But during the potty training sessions, you’ll get fits of giggles from your girls. Not as much as you’d get from your boys but quite a substantial bursts of laughter.

When potty training boys…

1. Aim to be a sharp shooter

potty training

Yup. Pretty much sums it up.

You or daddy will have to teach Jr. to aim otherwise, you’d be cleaning a mess every single time.

Aim and shoot.

2. They like diapers

potty training

Boys seem to have no problem staying in diapers. According to experts, these cute little dudes stay comfortable in diapers even after a long time.

Some say they have to take initiative because their boys are just not showing any interest.

3. Teach ’em to shake it off…properly

potty training
IMG Buddy

Shake it off near into the toilet before tucking it back in. And when they shake it off, make sure you teach them to wash their hands.

Nobody wants to be touched with pee-pee fingers.

Remember: shake it off near the toilet, not all over the room. 😁

4. Let Daddy show him how

potty training
Funny Junk

Have daddy show him how it’s done. Pretty soon your son will not stop following his dad into the bathroom to watch in amazement. Then he’ll be trying it himself.

Perfect father and son bonding, you get rid of the pesky cutie that used to follow you into the bathroom and you’re off the hook from potty training the little tyke!

5. Potty jokes will be forever a part of his life

potty training
Persephone Magazine

Yes, he’ll be a grown man with his own family and potty jokes will still be a big part of his classic humor. And you’ll hear about them over and over again until you die.

But hey, if it gets him to pee in the right bowl, why not?

In conclusion, girls are better in potty training than boys.

Actually, that’s not always the case. It all depends on how diligent the parents are in teaching and implementing the new habit change. If you’re lenient and give up to putting on diapers when things get tough, you’ll be trying harder and longer than necessary.

The key is proper instruction and patience. Not unless your child is the next Einstein, making them understand why and what will be a challenge.

But then again, you already knew things would be challenging when you signed up to be parents.

Keep at it. Don’t stop. Be patient. You may not believe it but potty training is another form of an emotional bond with your kiddos. Enjoy it. You only get to potty train them once. 😊

Oh, and here’s a bonus video that might make this challenge a bit lighter on the heart.

Got any potty training stories? Leave a comment below!


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