20 Pretty Hair Styles for your little Girl

How many times have you looked up ‘pretty hairstyles for girls’ online? I bet you’ve tried to make it on your own but failed. That’s okay.

It doesn’t even require a special occasion and some of us mom master this art to perfection (to the envy of the rest of us).

If you don’t want to fall behind, we have collected the 20 best pretty hairstyles that are not too difficult to master and require minimum skills.

Whether it’s first day back at school, or family gathering, these pretty hair styles will make your little girl the star of the event.

20 Pretty Hairstyles for your little girl

Here are our top picks from around the web.

2. Bow Bun

You’ve probably seen an adult version of this pretty hair style, but it looks amazing on little girls too! Detailed tutorial video below.


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