Raising a Baby - Splurge vs Save

How much stuff does a baby actually need?

As a first time parent – or even an experienced multi-child champion – you are always being reminded about all the expensive gear your child absolutely needs to survive the modern world.

Do you need to pick the branded expensive products or are cheaper less known alternatives as good? Find out where to save your money and where to splurge when buying essential baby products.

Yes, it’s already a given that as parents we want the best for our kids. But even in the smallest spending, we have to be wise because how we spend right now will make a big impact on their future someday.

If you are a millionaire and can afford to not even think about costs, then good for you. But, if you are along the average status in society, you have to weigh the pros and cons and when or where to save or splurge.

Check out this infographic and it might help you make up your mind about a lot of baby things. :)




Infographic courtesy of Yellow Robin Marketing.


Did this help? Are you more directed to splurge or save?

I was told that money doesn’t matter. What matters is the memory it brings.

I’m 50/50 on that. I would splurge on my kids when I have the capacity to but even if I did, I wouldn’t ALWAYS splurge. I don’t want to teach them to have less value for earning money. In other words, I don’t want them to be materialistic spoiled brats.

I would splurge on medical and educational needs. These are things that would benefit them if they had the best. But, I will not splurge on clothing, gadgets and other material things.

Maybe splurge on family vacations once in a while.

Raising kids is all about being wise. Wisdom is one of the most important characteristics you can give your kids. So many people are in debt right now because of unwise handling of their finances. Don’t let that happen to your kids.


Leave a comment about your experience – did you spend more on your first child than on your other kids? Did you buy any branded goods or saved money and stuck with the standard?