Ryan Reynolds – a name attached to one of the best Marvel movies in my book. He’s not only THE perfect guy to play Deadpool not only because of his disgustingly addictive sense of humor and dripping in sarcasm personality but because he’s a such a fun guy in his movies!

And, based on his social media engagement, he’s just as funny in real as he is in his movies! It’s either that or he’s a genius when it comes to words. I rather believe the latter.

But the ultimate point is how Ryan Reynolds rocks dad-hood. You have no idea how excited I am to be writing this post because I absolutely adore the face behind the Deadpool mask and his parenting skills are seriously legit! His daughter, James, is in good hands.

So, without further ado, here’s Ryan Reynolds as a dad.

Ryan Reynolds’ Legit Daddy Skills

ryan reynolds

Did forget to mention his hot bod to be one of his greatest asset aside from his parenting skills? If I did, this is me mentioning it!

On Parenting In General

Obviously, he enjoyed his single life and married life with Blake very much. But, we’re also very sure he adores his daughter!

Oh, boy. The parenting fears are dawning on Ryan! Can’t wait for Ryan Reynolds’ parenting tweets when he has teenagers!

Cool dad awardee! My dad won’t even allow my grown-up ass get a tattoo! 😑

It’s always hard to explain death to kids. Hence, starting this early is a pretty wise move.

On Crappy Talk

You know we love it when you talk dirty, Mr. Reynolds!

On a Writing Profession

I would totally buy a copy if he makes good on this statement. In fact, I would camp out just to get my copy signed!

Again, I would do the same for this book, too!

On Time-Off

Oh, much like every other ordinary parent, he also is looking for private “me” time! Yes, people, Ryan Reynolds is human.

Yeah. I wouldn’t mind a 14-year timeout either. Skip the teenage years altogether. Obviously, that would be the most ideal set up but such is life.

On Everything Else

James has a sibling in Denmark?! How can he have hidden this for so long?!

Did he just contribute genes to the next Picasso? Well done, Mr. Reynolds!

One of the reasons why Reynolds is the dream of every hormonal girl in the world is because of his gorgeous locks. So, it’s only understandable why he would cherish it!😂

James is one tough cookie! Oh man, I can only imagine what her face looked like.

I don’t even have the right words for this. I’m just laughing my socks off!😹😹😹

Best dating tip from one father to another. In other words, give Ryan a standing ovation, please!

I know the feeling exactly. I mean, I have not seen a baby who looks so accomplished after sneezing on your face.

James would really have interesting fashion choices when she grows up! Seems like she’s going to take after her leather-mask-wearing father!

It’s always hard to explain death to kids. Hence, starting this early is a pretty wise move.

Thank heavens our anger over Deadpool losing his V-Card was made up for by the birth of such a cutie! You are forgiven, Ryan. 😄

Since it’s almost Halloween, here’s a costume tip from the suited man himself!

Ryan in a nutshell…

So, isn’t the handsome face behind the Deadpool mask such a fun parent?

I actually wonder how his partner, Blake Lively, find his Twitter antics? I bet she loves him all the more! I mean, who doesn’t a love with a great sense of humor, right?

There’s no denying how entertaining his parenting style is but it seems like he’s just letting life fall into place and doing his best at it. That’s the problem with most parents. We tend to overthink our kids.

Sometimes, you just have to accept that you won’t have it together all the time. And, that’s okay. Let’s take a tip or two from Ryan. Parenting can be loads of fun!

Featured image: Gazette Review


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