Are you Pregnant? Are you getting enough Sleep

Are you pregnant? Are you getting enough sleep?

Did you know good sleep lowers the risk of birth complications?

According to the National Sleep Foundation (oh yes, there is such an organization!), 78% of pregnant women report disturbed sleep. One of the reasons of sleep problems are changing hormone levels.

“For example, rising progesterone levels may partly explain excessive daytime sleepiness, especially in the first trimester. Hormonal changes may also have an inhibitory effect on muscles, which may result in snoring…”

There are many things you can do to improve your sleep quality, and one of them shouldn’t be sleeping pills.

There are not recommended for pregnant women, in fact no pills should be taken during pregnancy.

This infographic gives you some ideas how to manage your sleeping routine and simple things like using an acupressure mat that can help your chances for a better sleep.

Have you tried some of these? Did they work for you? Do you have other tested methods?

Leave a comment below and let other moms know!

Ultimate guide to sleep during pregnancy

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