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Being pregnant is something magical for anyone. It’s a time where there is so much joy, excitement, love, and, of course… gifts. But how do you go through the same process when another baby is on the way? Should you throw another baby shower for the mommy?

Let’s admit it, it’s not that easy to throw another party when you’re already taking care of your kids, but it shouldn’t be an excuse.

That’s how the term “sprinkle baby shower” (also known as a baby sprinkle or sprinkle shower) came to be, it gives equal importance to your next baby – because they deserve to be celebrated too.

So what is a sprinkle baby shower? It doesn’t necessarily mean a sprinkle-themed baby shower (but it’s the most popular theme anyway.) Instead, it’s meant to be a low-key gathering to welcome to your second (or third, or fourth, or fifth…) baby.

Since a sprinkle is a smaller variant of a “shower,” it means it’s not shouldn’t be as grand as a baby shower. Not because the next baby isn’t as important as the first, but because they won’t need those gifts anymore as the baby stuff from the firstborn can be re-used. Although some guests may still bring some baby supplies, a sprinkle baby shower is often more of a time to simply gather and celebrate the good news.

There’s no half-singing in the shower, you’re either a rock star or an opera diva – Ritely

It can be tricky to keep a celebration simple yet fun, so here are some inspirations on how to put together a sprinkle baby shower.

1Sprinkle All the Way

Who says you can’t take things literally? A sprinkle baby shower is better when it’s full of colorful sprinkles!

2Balloon Sprinkles

A dash of cool for humble balloons.


A doughnut-themed sprinkle baby shower is also a fun and exciting way to celebrate the good news! Just buy a few boxes of doughnuts, prepare some pasta, and get the party started.

4Party Favors

Here’s an easy-to-make sprinkle baby shower giveaway for your guests. It really is all about the sprinkles!

5Sprinkle Oreos

Simple and inexpensive way to add themed food to your party.

6Candle Decor

Add a bit of atmosphere with these adorable candle holders.

7Sprinkle Punch

Did someone say punch?

8Little Accessories

Little touches that show how carefully the party was planned.

9Simple Sprinkle Cake

The center of the whole party – apart from the mom to be – is, of course, the cake! The more sprinkles the better!

10Photo Backdrop

Make some memories and awesome photos thanks to a fun photo backdrop.

11Sprinkle & Donuts

One of the most popular themes on Pinterest – sprinkles + donuts. Just don’t count the calories.

12Simple Sprinkle Backdrop

An easy and effective backdrop that’s super fast to DIY yourself at home.

13Sprinkle Mocktail

Stylish cocktails can’t be missing!

14Sprinkle Bunting Sign

An adorable sign that you can make yourself or purchase online.

15Party Favors

There is an abundance of ideas for party favors, but this one is one of the cutest.

16Sprinkle Decor

Keeping it simple with sprinkles.

17Sprinkle Plates

Who else loves coordinated tableware?

18Sweet Cherry Lemonade

Offer plenty of non-alcoholic options at the party.


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