The Miracle Baby Bootie

Have you heard about the Miracle Bootie?

I don’t blame you. With so many baby gadgets coming to the market every year it’s hard to keep up. But this one is a biggie. I mean bootie.

Designed by Owlet, and with new parents in mind, this little bootie is essentially a personal hospital nurse.


While you sleep, this little bootie monitors your little one’s heartbeat and oxygen levels, and if something is out of norm, it will send an alarm to your baby station and mobile phone (how convenient!).

The device is based on pulse oximetry, which is the same technique used in hospitals.


“Being a baby product, safety and dependability have been top priority. We have been testing extensively with our hardware on live babies since last August,” said Monroe.

“We just passed the 1 billion heartbeats recorded this month. We are beginning accuracy studies on the product and have units at Seattle Children’s hospital with IRB approval. We are also kicking off studies with many universities and hospitals to understand more about infant health.”

What do you think, would you give it a try?


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