6 Practical Tips on How To Fit 3 or More Kids into One Room

Trying to fit to fit 3 or more kids into one room can be challenging.

Especially if you’ve tried before and witnessed a bloody battle for territory.

Challenging indeed but not impossible.  

Unless you are Cheaper by the Dozen 2.0 or following the footsteps of the Duggar family of the reality, show ‘19 Kids and Counting’.

A secret most people don’t know the key to shared rooms is


And I say this from personal experience.

I have always shared a room with my sisters, and though we’ve had several territorial arguments, we learned how to coexist in one small space after jumping the organized bandwagon.

Creating a space for your kids will take more or less a lot of money, but it’s worth the investment.

Make it beautiful and pleasing to the eyes and they’ll be happy with sharing a room until their teens which mean less revamping expenses in the future!

In case you’re starting from scratch at this point or still in the process of planning, we’re here to help.

Here are our tips on How To Fit 3 or More Kids into One Room

1. Make It Neutral

Image from Houzz
Image from Houzz

Your kids probably have a wide selection of personalities like the choices of crayons in a jumbo 100 pack.

Pick a color and feel that would suit your toddler, eight-year-old and 13 years old.

Once you’ve chosen your base color, you can accent it based on their individual color preference.
Hint: a turquoise, aqua blue or a pastel olive green color is always a safe choice.

2. Make it Age Appropriate

Image from Apartment Therapy

Making your kids’ bedroom age appropriate has a lot to do with the base color you choose.

For example, a pink room might not entirely age appropriate if you have teenagers whereas a lilac or lavender colored one is suitable for both toddlers and teenagers.

Choose decorations and accenting furniture that would compliment any age group.
Beddings can also make a huge difference as you see in the photo.

One side is entirely and obviously occupied by a young kid where the other side is occupied by a pubescent teenager.

3. Opt for Bunk Beds

Image from Apartment Therapy

I used to think that bunk beds were the worst things man has invented.

And in all fairness to my poor judgment when I was a kid, the designs then were total blah.

I hated bunk beds because if the top bunk moves, you feel it too. It creaks and sometimes I bonk my head when I get up.

But nowadays, bunk beds are made to look like they’re cut out from a design magazine which would have made me a less grumpy child.

Bunk beds save a lot of space and are the most practical way to go if you’re living in a tiny space with a lot of your wild minions. This will be your solution to fit 3 or more kids into one room.

But if you have space to spare, why not combine bunk beds and single detached beds?
WooHome has great bunk bed design suggestions that is worth checking out!

4. Give Them Their Tiny Space

Image from Apartment Therapy

A bookshelf right across the room or fab curtains to separate their sections is a good way to provide them with a bit of privacy and a sense of “I’m alone in this room” feeling.

Image from Apartment Therapy

Bookshelves and curtains also add to the entire look of their room which might be the extra character they need to call their tiny space their own.

A dresser in between two single detached beds is also another option if you do not have much room to spare.

5. Organization is Key!

Image from Apartment Therapy

In shared room cases, storage boxes are your best friend – along with elegant shelves!

Storage boxes come in different sizes, shapes and designs that will fit your kids’ personal style. But like I have written in the beginning, the organization is the key to fit 3 or more kids into one room.

Nothing causes friction between siblings better than missing stuff, cluttered environment and invaded personal spaces.

Have a “his and hers” side and section your shelves. Label boxes according to the owner’s name and make sure they keep their stuff on their own.

If you have enough space, give each kid a 4×3 shelf beside their beds to accommodate their personal belongings.
This will keep their room clutter free and the peace intact!

6. Personalize their portion of the room

apartmenttherapy.com Image from apartmenttherapy.com

I know I talked about something neutral for all your kids. That is applicable if you are rooming all your girls in one room and all your boys in another. Personalizing their sides will apply if you are housing your boys and your girls together. Now, this is His and Hers sibling version!

Only design the room half and half and accent it half and half as well.

Of course, this will not be a until-they-move-out solution because once they hit their puberty years, you must separate them. No son of yours would want to see their sister changing! But till then, these arrangements will work.

Looking back to my personal experience in sharing a room with my sisters, I can honestly say it was fun.

Though there were times that we purposely hid each other’s stuff just to spite one another, in a significant way, we also became a lot closer than most sisters because our beds were so close to each other, we talked through most of the night until someone fell asleep.

This could be a benefit you also see for yourself with your kiddos. Relationships are built and tested!

Whether you want to help them develop a closer relationship or simply do not have the space to give each their rooms, you can’t go wrong in trying to fit 3 or more kids into one room.

By making sure you plan the room design well, I’m affirmative that you’ll have pleased tenants!

Got any brilliant ideas or experience you want to share about how you fit 3 or more kids into one room? Leave a comment below!


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