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The world’s best pastry chefs are not shying away from the general public anymore. Michelin-star chefs would previously cater only to distinguished palates and keep an aura of exclusivity around haute cuisine. This is not the case anymore! In fact, these days, the world’s most sought-after pâtissiers hold a strong Instagram presence and roll out pastry shops in cosmopolitan capitals worldwide; they publish cookbooks and tour all continents offering cooking techniques workshops.

Check out this drool-worthy selection of the latest and most Instagrammable creations of the world’s trendiest haute cuisine wizards. These visually stunning confections deliver some unreal-looking, hypnotic food porn! To quote one of the comments under a photo of a perfect petite pastry, “Instead of my husband proposing, he should have just got down on one knee and presented me this!” Let’s see, if you agree!


1Cédric Grolet’s Signature Rubik’s Cubes

If you haven’t spotted one of his impeccable creations on social media already, you should know that Cédric Grolet is currently the trendiest pastry chef worldwide. The young French pâtissier is an executive pastry chef at the 19th-century Parisian palace/hotel Le Meurice and was crowned The World’s Best Pastry Chef 2018. This is not surprising at all, considering that he whisks his eggs under the command of another French cuisine icon – Alain Ducasse. To date, Grolet has a million followers on Instagram, many of whom are attracted by the mesmerizing look of his perfect minimalist creations.

One of Grolet’s signature treats is a Rubik’s Cube pastry block of 27 individual bites featuring unlikely avant-garde pairings. We could not resist and have included a few more, keep scrolling!


2Strawberry Rubik’s Cube


3Citrus & Nuts


4White Wonderland


5Grolet’s Fruit Pastries

haute cuisine treats tangerine cedric grolet momooze.com online magazine for modern moms

Grolet’s so-called trompe l’oeil sculpted fruit pastries resemble fruit in the same way in which fruit resembles fruit. They feature thin layers of chocolate and sugar, which look quite deceiving to the eye. Truly a treat for all senses!


6White Nuns

haute cuisine treats pastry delicious cedric grolet momooze.com online magazine for modern moms

Grolet’s first book, titled Fruits, was published just last year. The much awaited edition presents a themed selection of intensely flavorful mimetic dessert recipes, just like the ones captured above and below!


7The Noisette 2.0

haute cuisine treats hazelnut patisserie cedric grolet momooze.com online magazine for modern moms


8The Golden Acorn

This acorn is something worth chasing, Ice Age’s Scrat!


9More from Grolet’s Fruit Basket


haute cuisine treats cedric sumptuous grolet apple momooze.com online magazine for modern moms


10Red Riding Hood Would Be Fooled Again

haute cuisine treats cedric grolet red apple delicious momooze.com online magazine for modern moms


11Noisette Yule Log



12La Noisette

Are there stages to drooling? Because this trickling caramel heart has us planning a trip to Paris!


13Cyril Lignac’s Cappuccino

Cyril Lignac’s creations certainly deserve a spot here. Lignac is a highly celebrated French cuisine figure heading the 1-Michelin-star Le Quinzième in Paris’ 15th arrondissement. He also owns several bistros and pastry shops strewn around central Paris, and boasts over 40 cookbooks published in multiple languages.

His “Cappuccino” soft biscuit above features almonds, creamy dulcey with Ethiopian coffee, and a thin crunchy sheet of premium chocolate.


14Red Velvet by Lignac

Now, let us draw you a picture, in case the one above does not say it all: light cream with vanilla bourbon, caramel filling, salted butter, and crispy biscuit Belgian speculoos…


15Pierre Hermé Moons

Called “The Picasso of Pastry,” Pierre Hermé has achieved somewhat of an international cult status! Where do we even start? Hermé became an apprentice of the one and only Gaston Lenôtre at the tender age of 14. He is a master of avant-gard French pastry, and his boldly flavored, unusual macaroons are considered his most iconic creation. Hermé holds the title of The World’s Best Pastry Chef 2016, and that same year, Vanity Fair called him the fourth most influential French person in the world.

16Pierre Hermé Macaroons


17Opera Cake by Hermé


18Olive Oil & Vanilla Macaroon by Hermé


19Chef François Payard’s Heart Cake

François Payard is a third-generation French pastry chef. Boasting a bunch of exquisite pastry shops in NYC, he has managed to conquer yet another world capital of sworn foodies. His luxury desserts are nothing short of exceptional!


20Matcha Eclairs by Payard


21Adriano Zumbo’s Dirty Dani

Australian chef Adriano Zumbo has earned himself some loving nicknames, including “Lord Voldecake” and “The Dark Lord of the Pastry Kitchen”. His forte is challenging and highly technical haute cuisine, and he has proven this most famously on MasterChef Australia. In fact, he shot to fame in just three days, after a 2010 episode of MasterChef showcased his unique and challenging-to-execute macaroon tower of 120 raspberry/beetroot and black olive macaroons! To this day, those are known as Zumbaroons.

The “Dirty Dani” pastry above features layers of milk chocolate plaques, passionfruit creme, caramel creme chantilly, salted caramel mou, hazelnut dacquoise and some crunchy caramel goodness.


22Apple Maple Cheesecake by Zumbo

This Apple Maple Cheesecake brings together flavors like apple mousse, cinnamon cheesecake, anzac biscuit and apple puree gel over a yoghurt sponge.


23Zumbo’s Mylo Can

This could easily be Oscar from Sesame Street’s favorite beverage! Imagine milk chocolate mousse, mint and Milo cremeaux, cinnamon sablé, Milo crunch and raspberry jam…


24Frank Haasnoot’s Signature Rose Blossom Cake


Frank Haasnoot is a multi-awarded pâtissier from the Netherlands who has perfected the menus of several top dining establishments worldwide. In particular, his skill and gift for chocolate manipulation has earned him well-deserved accolades, including the 2011 World Chocolate Masters trophy in Paris.

25Haasnoot’s Chocolate Treats


26Basil Bites by Haasnoot


27Amaury Guichon’s Petite Delights

The young influential French pastry artist Amaury Guichon is currently solidifying his career in Las Vegas. Like Grolet and friends, he is a master of mimetic desserts.

The Red Berries Saint Honoré above contains almond sweet dough, crunchy puff pastry, raspberry pastry cream, wild berries whipped ganache, raspberry jam and candied strawberry with Yuzu juice and vanilla.


28Sumptuous Chocolate Tart by Guichon

With this one, you can taste chocolate sable, crunch cocoa bibs tuile, moist frangipane chocolate sponge, light 64% chocolate mousse and light chocolate pastry cream.


29Exotic Baba by Guichon

The ingredients of “Exotic Baba” include pineapple, mango, vanilla and Malibu compote, lime baba soaked with passion fruit and rm, smooth coconuts and vanilla mousse.


30Guichon’s Chocolate Cigars

Put it in your pipe and smoke it, they say. We say, gimme! Guichon’s mock cigars will treats you to flavors like crunchy chocolate shell, duo chocolate mousse, soft vanilla caramel, recomposed hazelnut streusel and smooth Bailey’s cremeux.


31Reynold Poernomo’s Afternoon Tea Treats

Reynold Poernomo is yet another talent extraordinaire coming out of MasterChef Australia. Following his TV success, he is now heading his own pop-up dessert bar in Syndey, called Koi.

32Poernomo’s Milky Way


33Poernomo’s Kimochi

This limited dessert features matcha mochi, elderflower and lychee granita, white peach yuzu sorbet, freeze dried raspberry and shiso.


34Mascarpone Dessert Poernomo-Style

Keeping it simple: mascarpone, truffle, caramel and salt.


35Poernomo’s Signature Green Moss/Matcha Dessert

Unleashing a burst of flavors in your mouth, this steaming dessert contains apple, pistachio, and matcha as leading ingredients!


36Christophe Michalak’s Coconut & Chocolate Treats

French pâtissier Christophe Michalak is famous for heading establishments like The Plaza Athénée, and his involvement with several TV shows, including MasterChef France. Year after year, his empire keeps expanding at home and overseas. Just a month ago, Michalak opened a fancy new pastry shop in Harajuku, Tokyo. And you know what this means! We are choosing between France and Japan for our next memorable food-dominated trip overseas!


37Michalak’s Easter Cake


38Iranian Pistachio Nut Pastries by Michalak


39Anne-Sophie Pic’s White Marble Cake

French chef Anne-Sophie Pic is a master of the egg whisk and a key figure in contemporary French haute cuisine scene. She has received three Michelin stars for her restaurant, Maison Pic in Valence, southeast France. To put this in perspective, she is the fourth female chef to ever achieve this recognition.

Her mouth-watering cake above features white mille-feuille, light Tahitian vanilla cream, fine jasmine jelly, and Voatsiperifery pepper emulsion.

This is our latest haute cuisine treats roundup, stay tuned for more!



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