25+ Creative Ways to Organize Photos on a Wall


Is your home overflowing with family photos? Or you very own art prints? Organizing your photos and displaying them is probably at the very bottom of your to-do list.  Once you find the time to do it and want to create your own wall display or gallery, we rounded up the best inspiration from Pinterest to save you a bit of time and work.

The good news is that galleries are no longer identical size frames strategically placed in a prime spot in your living room. They come in all shapes, sizes, color and most importantly – they are not boring at all.

Get inspired and give your home something to be proud of! Let us know in comments if you’re putting one of these ideas on your to-do list for next project!

1Mixed Sizes and Colors

Messy but very stylish. This display uses simple shelves with prints in different sizes and frame colors, giving you plenty of options to experiment. Best of all? No drilling required and you can change the look of your display anytime you want.

2Art Gallery

This type of gallery needs a bit more careful planning to make everything fit in nicely. Best done on the floor and then transferred on your wall.

3Family Treasures in Office

Add a bit of luxury touch to your office with these silver edge frames showing the best of your family photos. No boring do to lists to display here, just the faces of your favorite people.

4Minimalist Style

The combination of gold and black with white as shown in this picture is a foolproof recipe for a very stylish home. Choose frames with a lot of white space to center your photos in the middle and create an art gallery-like feeling. A beautiful way to display your photos without making the wall look too busy.

5With Moody Lights

If you kids prefer something less classic, they will fall in love with this idea! You can use polaroid photos or traditional photo prints.

6Scandinavian Twist

Branch or driftwood makes a beautiful vessel to showcase some of your favorite photos. Inexpensive and super stylish.

7Dark Prints

For an even gallery which will create a feature wall in your bedroom, these dark art prints with dark frames will work wonders.

8Black & Grey

source: yourlroptions.com

Very stylish way to add personality to a grey wall.

9Small Collage

Quotes, images, and prints are mixed perfectly in this small display on the wall.

10Building a Gallery Wall

For those who want to plan their gallery properly, this tutorial provides useful tips. Link under the image.

11Mini Framed Gallery


Novelty way to display your favorite memories – a collection of photos framed in a massive picture frame, resting against the wall or you can also hang it in the house.

12Stair Display

One of the most popular ways to display your home treasures – this one comes precisely measured with same style photos and frames.

13Shelf Display

Another beautiful shelf dispaly which combines decorations, books, prints and your own photographs.

14Picture Hanging Hack

Hack for those who are obsessed about having the photos hang perfectly alligned.

15Work Space Display

Simple board makes a great place for display of your favorite quotes and images.

16See Through Background

Frames with clean background are great for colored walls and blend in seamlessly with the background.


Traditional way to display your images that never gets out of style. Go for larger size images for a better effect.

18Mix of Black & White with Color

Who says black and white doesn’t mix with color?

19Canvas + Frames

Mixing canvas and photo prints on a shelf display.

20Vibrant Display

Mix and match and you can’t get it wrong!

21Fridge Display

Instead of covering your fridge door with reminders, choose your favorite family photos instead!

22Mixed Shelf Display

Small but adorable. If you don’t want to display family photos in every room, you can choose simple art prints combined with a few plants and accessories, like in the photo.

23Wall Art

Creat your own gallery without any frames. All you need is same size black and white photos and a nice feature wall.

24Fridge Favorites

source: nousdecor.com

This may be over the top for someone, but why not? Share your travel memories, fun times with friends or anything else that makes you smile.

25Personal Collage

The opposite of shelf display, this under-shelf collage is perfect for teenagers who want to add more of their style to a boring room.

26Framed Polaroids

Simple display which can be done as a DIY at home. Change polaroid features as much as you like. Makes a great addition to kitche display.

27Framed Mini Galleries

Mini selection of your favorite photos in big feature displays. You could group them by your travels, one display dedicated to each of the kids or any other way.

28Unique Stairs Display

A little unconventional but original.

29Moody & Symmetrical

Scandi touch with just a few cheap prints.

Have you picked your favorite display? Let us know in comments!


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