10 Weird and Unusual Uses for Breast Milk You Need to Know

You’d be surprised but did you know there are weird and unusual uses for breast milk that you probably didn’t know?

They say, “Breastmilk is best for babies up to 2 years.”

I think that’s the perfect slogan to promote breastfeeding.

I’d say breast milk is best for anyone who needs it.

Why? Because it’s miracle milk!

Surprisingly and – at the same time – unsurprisingly, breast milk has so many other uses that we didn’t even think about!

Since there are so many, here are our top 10! 

1. Ear Treatment

10 weird and unusual use for breast milk 1
Image from Baby Center

Breast milk, aka “Liquid Gold”, has antibodies that can cure ear infections.

Simply treat with three to four drops of breast milk onto the entrance of the ear canal. Remember onto the entrance, not directly dropped into it.

Ear infections are common for babies and adults. Breast milk is one of the safest and most efficient natural remedies.

2. Clogged Tear Ducts

Image from Iris Health

Now, personally, I have not encountered clogged tear ducts, but studies show that breast milk applied onto clogged tear ducts will help remove them.

Clogged tear ducts cause crusty eyes which are common to babies, but adults can get them also.

There are no studies to prove this, but breastfeeding mothers have also used their breast milk to treat their babies’ stay.

Breast milk is perfectly safe so give these treatments a try!

3. Soothe sunburns and other burns

Image from Huffington Post

Forgot your sunscreen? Lounged on the beach too long?

Cooling spray too expensive for you?

If you have a sister, or mom or a friend who’s breastfeeding, ask for some of their milk.

Breast milk cools down the skin quite effectively. Just like how drinking milk help gets rid of the heat of spicy food.

A mixture of blueberries and breast milk also helps heal burns quicker according to nursing moms.

Milk cooling down burns is no surprise but mixing it with blueberries? Who would’ve known?

4. Making Lotion

Image from Inhabitat

A lot of lotion varieties are made with milk, so it is very logical to make your cream with this liquid gold! It’s as natural as you can get.

Blogger, Molly Thomas, shares her recipe for making your cream with breast milk.

Storing it in the fridge will make it last longer and even add a cooling and soothing feeling when applied.

5. Skin Care

Image from: FitPregnancy

Breast milk is perfect for skin and facial care.

It’s chemical free, and it attributes are very gentle to the skin. You can use breast milk for the following

  • Makeup Remover – cleansing your face of makeup with breast milk soaked cotton balls is not at all harsh to your skin as commercial makeup removers are.
  • Moisten Chapped Lips – dabbing water onto your lips work but because of the natural properties breastmilk has to strengthen a baby, it works better than normal H2O.
  • Acne Treatment – clear up baby or teen acne with a cotton ball dipped in a mixture of coconut oil and breast milk.
  • Puffy Eyes – breast milk saturated cotton balls in replacement of sliced cucumber will help reduce the redness and swelling of puffy eyes.
  • Deodorant – some women rub breast milk on their underarm and let it dry. It keeps the armpit dehydrated, and the milk properties help keep it white and smooth.

I have to get my hands on a few bags of this liquid gold for my beauty regimen!

6. Sore Throat Treatment

10 weird and unusual use for breast milk 5
Image from Zen For You

This one totally surprised me but after cross researching, I am now a believer.

Apparently, gargling breast milk soothes the itchiness and the pain of dry sore throats.

As a singer, I wish I have access to breast milk whenever I have a performance coming up! Still, this is making my it to my list of the most unusual uses for breast milk. 

7. Making Soap

10 weird and unusual use for breast milk 6
Image from Small Biz Trends

This recipe will need about 6 cups of breast milk which means a lot of pumping!

But, breast milk based soap is said to be excellent for skin cleansing since it does not have the harsh chemicals one would typically find in a store bought a bar of soap.

It turns out boobie milk soap is also a great baby shower gift!

8. Boobie Milk Cheese

Image from Cowgirl Creamery

I have never tried cheese made from breastmilk but I bet it taste good with less fat and so much healthier than regular cheese.

This father/chef turned his wife’s breast milk into cheese, and he shared his recipe on his blog.

I want a taste of that cheese!

9. Cooking

10 weird and unusual use for breast milk 8
Image from My Food Diary

I am also an avid cook and not once have I tried replacing cream or regular milk with breast milk because it doesn’t have the same consistency, taste and texture cream or milk has.

But I guess I have been proven wrong since a lot of moms are using their milk for cooking!

You can use breast milk in about any recipe that needs milk. Most of these mom bloggers said that it tastes surprisingly good the first time and have been using boobie milk since.

Making your sherbet to sooth a teething baby or a sore throat is also possible with this recipe.

I’m stocking up next time!

10. Post-Circumcision Med

Image from Style Pinner

Spraying or dabbing the circumcised area with breast milk prevents and treats an infection. It can also soothe the stinging sensation around the area.

This going down in my book of know-hows but this is one of the most unusual uses for breast milk for me!

There you have it!

Who would have known that our boobie milk can be utilized in these unusual ways?

Many have also said that breast milk can be used as you would any sexual lubricant but, your personal preferences overrules this.

Unless you’re into exploring new things. *wink wink*

Know any other unusual uses for breast milk that wasn’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments below!


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