what are the easiest flowers to take care of

Though most people appreciate having flowers in their houses, it can be difficult to maintain if homeowners aren’t around often. If you’re a busy person, you’re maybe used to seeing lonely, withered flowers as you come home from a long day. 

However, being busy doesn’t imply you can’t have an arrangement of flowers every now and then to perk up the day and lighten up your home. Here are several low-maintenance flower options for those who lack the time and skill to take care of flowers. 


Tulips are a trademark of the spring season and they also lighten and attract attention to every room. These flowers are as exquisite as they’re delightful. If you properly care for cut tulips, they can remain healthy and lively for up to ten days after trimming. 


Cosmos have long been a choice of florists, and many varieties demand little work but yield a lot of pleasure. This flower seems fragile, yet they last a lot longer when arranged in a vase. 

Cosmos plants are large. Based on the type, they can reach a height of 150 cm. They come in a variety of colors to complement any flower arrangement. Even its foliage is stunning.  


With over 100 million purchased annually, roses are the quintessential flower. Roses are never generic because there are 20,000 different types of these flowers. 

Roses retain their beauty for two weeks if properly placed in a vase. As a tip, smash the end of their stem to allow them to absorb more water.  


Any arrangement purchased at the flower shop would most certainly have at least one carnation. These flowers could stay up to 15 days in a vase with proper treatment. Avoid exposing them to sunlight and humidity. Also, provide them with fresh water on a regular basis. They are among the most adaptable flowers available.


Often known as Peruvian lily, it isn’t easy to find a floral arrangement without a few alstroemeria blooms. This lily-like flower produces several buds on each stalk. This feature contributes to the appearance of a perfect, elegant bouquet. These flowers are also good for styling your coffee table.

An individual alstroemeria flower lasts approximately one week. However, as each stalk contains several flowers, a group of alstroemerias could stay up to 14 days in a vase. 


Gladiolus is one of the most widely grown season flowers. To maintain them, be sure to monitor the water level and replenish when required. Unopened buds may be forced to open by wrapping them with a transparent plastic bag and filling the vase with warm water. 

Gladiolus are extremely susceptible to fluoride. If your water has fluoride, let it settle for a few hours before sprinkling it on your flowers. These flowers may last up to a week if properly taken care of.


Any kind of lily is beautiful, but oriental lilies provide the most scent. An arrangement of new oriental lilies can perfume a whole space. 

To extend the bloom period in the vase, pick stems with narrowly opened buds. When trimmed and set in a vase, cut lilies can maintain their beauty for one to two weeks. 


Orchid flowers may remain for weeks, if not months, when used as a houseplant. They may not last as long if cut, but most varieties would last at least 14 days. Still, they’re very easy to maintain with proper care and regular changing of water. 


Zinnias come in a variety of forms, heights, and shades. The flowers range in size and complexity from tiny and plain to massive and intricate. They’re simple to manage because they thrive in hot weather.

The majority of zinnias grow steadily during their long hot seasons. They also blend well with other widely known flowers in a flower arrangement. 


Scabiosa adds an exquisite and eye-catching profile to your floral arrangement. These flowers have a lengthy vase life. They also come in a variety of colors–ranging from cream to a soft blue-violet.

Final Tip 

To prolong the life of blooms after being placed in a vase, avoid exposure to bright sunlight, remember to replace the water as needed, and don’t forget to trim the stems before changing the water in the vase. 

Any flower arrangements could transform any space into a paradise. However, several flowers rapidly wither and die when cut and put in vases. The first move is to determine which flower types are the easiest to manage. By doing so, you can enjoy the beauty of your flowers without spending too much time taking care of them.