Working Mom vs Stay at Home Mom - The Ultimate Face Off

The debate of who has it harder between working moms and stay at home moms is endless. 

The truth is that they both can be hard or easy and rewarding.

There are some amazing benefits to being a working mom and some amazing benefits to being a stay at home mom.

Here’s a breakdown of what is different in the lives of working moms vs. stay at home moms

1. Conversation during the Day

Working Moms – Politics, gossip, husbands, and kids. Speaking in full sentences and making perfect sense…usually. It can stimulate your mind and give you a chance to vent your frustrations.

Stay at Home Moms – Is 9048 a big number? Is 45 a big number? Is 28 a big number? Conversation is limited to repetitive and often pointless questions with sprinkles of adorable insight.

Getting tired of repeated questions? Print it out for the whole world to see, just like this mom.

mom answering questions
uncanny annie

2. Cleaning House

Working Moms – Cleaning the mess after the kids go to bed, rushing to the must do chores like dishes and laundry before heading to sleep yourself.

Stay at Home Moms– Cleaning one mess while each child simultaneously makes another. Cleaning those messes while still others occur and heading to bed with the laundry and dishes only half done.

mom cleaning home

3. Eating

Working Moms – breakfast either on the way or during meetings or rushed while trying to get out the door. Eating lunch sitting peacefully with friends or alone enjoying the silence or conversation.

Stay at Home Moms – preparing meals while the kids whine about how hungry they are, trying to grab a few bites of food in-between feeding and catering to the kids. Trying to remember the last time you ate a real meal instead of just whatever the kids didn’t finish.

mom eating

4. Milestones

Working Moms – Hearing from the daycare what new skills your child mastered and hoping you can get them to repeat it when you come home.

Stay at Home Moms – seeing your kids accomplish new milestones for the first time and watching the excitement and pride in their faces. Being able to hug your children as it happens.

baby milestones
baby center

5. Outings with the Kids

Working Moms – squeezed in during the weekends or days off, while also trying to catch up on chores or taking the kids to their activities. Outings are always unique as they do not happen as frequently, and outings as a family depend on work schedules.

Stay at Home Moms – Any day and often throughout the week. Taking the kids to parks and museums and playdates to burn up their energy and give them time outside the house. Special outings saved for the weekend so the whole family can go.

playing with kids

6. Bedtime

Working Moms – Trying to go from managing everything at work to trying to get the kids settled, fed, cleaned and into bed despite their lack of desire to do any of the above. Trying to spend time with them while also make sure they get to sleep and yet it’s a hassle with the kids fighting it every step of the way. Bottom line: it sucks

Stay at Home Moms – trying to get the kids to settle down and listen after trying to get through tantrums, whiny, a long day of chores, play and listening to the same song of four words 100 times, you are not in the mood for it. The kids dig in and fight bedtime and it’s just so hard to get anyone to listen. Bottom line: it sucks.


live science

7. Hobbies

Working Moms – varied, different and changing as moods change. They are squeezed into early morning weekends or late evenings and whenever there is a break from the kids and work. Relaxing but feels as though there still isn’t enough time for it.

Stay at Home Moms – varied, different and changing. They are fitted into any periods where the kids are away or sleeping, and you will be uninterrupted. Also, may be squeezed into the weekends when there is someone to help watch the kids. Fun and rewarding but still feels as if there is never enough time for it.

mom exercising

8. Sense of Achievement

Working Moms – getting projects done at work, getting things done and interacting with clients and people who need your help. Feeling accomplished at the end of the day and when you get your paycheck.

Stay at Home Moms – getting a few chores clean for once only to have it dirty again before anyone notices. Helping your child with lessons only to wonder if any of it sinks in. Feeling rewarded for nurturing the kids but never feeling very accomplished.

mom achievements
being human

9. Public Perception

Working Moms – abandoned her children to go to work. Never sees them and they are raised by daycare. Chose to be away from her kids instead of stay home and take care of them. Always has free time outside the house to be herself and just enjoy the day. So much easier than being a stay at home mom.

Stay at Home Moms – lazy, just sit around and do nothing all day. Take all day to accomplish what working moms have to do in a few hours. Gets to stay home and play with the kids and relax and watch TV. So much easier than being a working mom.

stay at home mom
stay at home moms

10. Relationship with the Kids

Working Moms – Filled with love and nurturing. Children are well cared for and know that their parents love them and want to be there for them. The kids know that they can count on their parents, and they see their parents every evening for quality time.

Stay at Home Moms – Filled with love and nurturing. The kids are cared for and know that they are loved. They get to see their mother all day and may become clingier, but they know that they will always have their parents there for them. Gets to spend all day with at least one parent but knows that there is quality with the quantity.


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