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Who We Are

Momooze is an online pitstop for moms who need a break from the realities of motherhood. We bring the best there is online, on Pinterest and elsewhere, to lift your spirits and inspire you. From comedic stories, latest parenting news, DIY ideas, home decor inspirations and just plain and simple entertainment, we are here to ease of the pain of everyday life when you don’t happen to have a glass of wine at hand, to do the same job.

Our Content

is a bowl of different genres with the perfect balance of light-heartedness for those who are in much need of entertainment and depth for those looking for helpful value. We bring content centered around lifestyle, entertainment, parenting, news and making life easier.

Our Tone

is fun and light with a touch of professionalism and depth to successfully bring out value and entertainment together. We add a personal touch on our more serious topics but definitely not intended to overrule your own voice. Our tone is simply what you would want to hear from a close friend – comfortable, helpful and uplifting.

Our Purpose

we exist to bring ease to all kinds of mothers in our demographic. We strive to bring our readers the best kind of content worthy of their 30-minute breather from the daily mommy routines with hopes to encourage and highlight the brightest sides of being a mother.

Topics We Love

  • Entertainment news related to parenting in all aspects
  • Lifestyle including food, DIY, party ideas, home decor, etc.
  • Pregnancy – topics of value for first-time moms
  • Parenting – guides, hacks, how-tos and what it’s like to handle different types of kids
  • anything else PIN-worthy

Guest Posting Article Guidelines

  1. As much as possible, we want your personality to shine through your writing. We want our readers to be able to picture out what kind of person you are through your writing.
  1. Make it as fun as possible without taking the value away.
  1. We believe in quality vs. quantity. Though we appreciate the right length in an article, we put more weight on the quality.
  1. Our readers love witty and clever writing! Keep them on their toes but we don’t want malicious humor.
  1. Language should be appropriately used. Please refrain from using street language/slang.
  1. Images used should be high-resolution and linked to sources accordingly.
  1. Articles that are submitted only for backlink or site promotion purposes only will not be accepted. Topics should be something our demographic will find valuable. Outbound links to the author’s blogs or websites will be removed without prior warning.
  1. Overall, just have fun with your writing with all the professionalism in mind.

Guest Posting: How it works

  1. Fill in this form with your article submission or send it direct to [email protected]
  2. You will hear back from us in the next couple of working days
  3. Once your article is accepted, you will have your author bio with one link to your blog  / website and links to your social profiles
  4. We do not link out to your blog or website directly in content and don’t accept affiliate links in the content
  5. Once published, you will be the first one to know!

Sponsored Posts is now accepting sponsored posts – if you have a product or service that you think parents will enjoy, we are happy to offer a sponsored post providing it fits the content and writing guidelines above.

Sponsored posts are written by our team, in line with our other content style to make sure they naturally fit into our website.

Sponsored posts are eligible for do-follow links to your website or business with the anchor text of your preference.

Cost per post: 99 USD. If you are interested in a sponsored post, please send an email to [email protected] Please note we only accept a limited number of sponsored posts per month.

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