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Momooze.com was created in September 2015 with the vision of empowering moms all over the world to lead more balanced and happy lives. 

We are a modern lifestyle brand with big plans and hopes for the future.

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Our Pursuits

To promote discovery and creativity

through our DIY, home decor, and creative content we empower moms to connect to their creative side, reinvent themselves and find joy in creating.

To nurture happiness & well-being

we can only be there for others when we properly take care of ourselves, both physically and mentally.

To pursue balance in all aspects of life

finding a balance between family life and work, finding ‘me time’ to recharge and raise happy kids – that’s something we are deeply passionate about.

Meet Our Team


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Lucia is our editor and covers topics like travel, organizing, home decor, food and more.

She loves to share her insights on productivity hacks, self-development, organizing your life and home, and finding inspiration on how to make your home more beautiful. She loves discovering new trends and diving in-depth into the latest research on parenting and well-being. She has two small boys.


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Antoaneta is the chief editor and content contributor. She focuses on topics around parenting, professional life and home decor.

She loves to write about kids’ activities, beauty trends, home interior ideas, and cleaning hacks. Healthy living and lifestyle are something she is passionate about. She is a student in Marketing and a mother of a 3 years old boy. Loves outdoor activities, and travelling. She is a huge tennis fan.


Lindsey is a professional nail artist based in Utah, US. Her specialties are party and occasion nails, she loves to work with glitter and gemstones in her nail studio.

She loves sharing her knowledge of the nail industry and curating the latest nail design trends. She is contributing to a number of other industry related magazines.


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Jessica is our resident hairstyle expert. As a hairstylist with 15 years of experience based in Texas, she is the ultimate go-to person for picking the right hair color, choosing a trending hairstyle and any advice on hair makeover.

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