Is Using AC Safe For a Newborn?

As we well know, children, especially newborns, are extremely sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. The heat may disturb them very easily and especially at night, it may decrease their state of well-being. However, air conditioning offer benefits to babies if it is used correctly.

For this reason, the final goal of the air conditioner is to maintain a pleasant environment and improve the quality of your everyday life and your babies. In this article, we are going to see some key factors that may affect the temperature of the baby’s room to take precautions and correctly use AC.

How to Use the Air Conditioning in the Presence of the Babies?

The temperature of the newborn room is something that matters a lot to the parents, mainly when it is their first time as parents, so the first thing that you should know is that air conditioning is not the baby’s enemy. It can be used by taking certain measures, because, on the other hand, sudden temperature changes can affect the health of your baby.

Keeping a temperature between 21°C and 24°C, during the day, and 19°C to 21°C, at night, is optimal. Also, a thing that you can do is measure the humidity of the environment to avoid exposing the child to a humid environment that is not between 30 and 50%.

Is Using AC Safe For a Newborn

What is the Best Way to Regulate the Temperature Inside the House?

One of the best ways to regulate the temperature inside the home is through air conditioning, but of course, this can be combined with other alternatives, even more natural, such as natural ventilation.

The most important thing is that throughout the day and while the baby is in the house, you try to ensure that all areas at home have almost the same temperature. For example, in the bathroom, you need to have adequate temperature control, because when you wash the baby, it can be susceptible to cold for which it is necessary to take care that the water is warm, as well as the room itself.

Also, unless the heat is unbearable, it is better not to have the air conditioning on all day and even when you put your baby to sleep, you should cool the room first and then turn off the appliance so you can put your baby in bed. Keep in mind that keeping the AC on all night in the room’s baby can be a big mistake.

How to Handle Air Conditioning in Other Places Rather Than at Home?

Of course, the baby will go outside and enjoy walks in the fresh air, and also it is common to put the baby in the car, go into shopping centers and take it to the doctor. In all these places, as a rule, there are air conditioning systems that you do not directly control yourself.

In these spaces, it is recommended to control the sweating and hydration of the baby to check that his or her body temperature is optimal. Also, avoid exposing him or her to places where cold air affects the baby directly because it could trigger health problems such as colds or flu.

Tips for the Correct Use of Air Conditioner When Having Babies at Home

Here are some tips to keep in mind when there is air conditioning in the room where the newborn is.

  • Avoid exposing the child to sudden changes in temperature

Sudden temperature changes weaken the immune system of the baby leading to major diseases.

  • Keep a rational temperature difference

The temperature difference between an indoor and outdoor space must not exceed 10°C.

  • Keep an eye on the stream’s direction

The airstream released by the appliance must not be directed at the baby, on the contrary, he or she best must receive it on the rebound.

  • Be in control of the temperature

Cool down the room before putting the baby to bed and turn off the appliance during the night.

  • If you are going outside with the baby

If you are outside the home and do not have any control over air conditioning, take a blanket with you to cover the baby. It is a very useful tool in places where the air conditioning is colder than usual.

  • Keep the AC constantly

There must be a stable temperature, so it is not recommended to constantly turn the air conditioner on and off.

  • Clean your AC filters frequently

Clean your air conditioner filters frequently both at home and in the car. In this way, you avoid the accumulation of dust, pollen, and mites which is necessary to maintain proper hygiene of the filters which tend to accumulate mites, dust, and other particles inside.

  • Maintain a correct use of the humidifier

To prevent the eyes from stinging and the mucous membranes and skin from being affected by dryness, it is advisable to use a humidifier but please do not abuse the humidifier or the air conditioner.

In conclusion?

A newborn is very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, whether it is due to excessive heat or cold but this does not mean that you should avoid turning on the air conditioning at home or in the baby’s room. Keep in mind the ideal temperature is between 21°C and 24°C during the day and at night it should be between 19°C and 21°C.

In addition, to feel comfortable, you must not only monitor the baby’s temperature, but you must also check that the air humidity is adequate. Also, think that you can control the humidity of the air by having an air conditioner as well.

In conclusion, air conditioning has become part of our lives, especially in the hottest months, for this reason, weaken it is necessary to use it correctly by adjusting the temperature and improving the quality of the air in the baby’s room.

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