5 Activities Your Kids Will Enjoy With Their Grandparents

Is there anything more precious than the sound of little feet in grandma’s kitchen? Or a usually grumpy teenager whooping in delight with Grandpa when their team scores?

The bond between kids and their grandparents is always something to cherish. But it can be hard to find activities suitable for all ages.

In this article, we share six fun family activities that everyone is guaranteed to enjoy.

Activities Your Kids Will Enjoy With Their Grandparents

1. Host a Family Game Tournament

Take your game night to the next level by organizing a tournament!

Bring out your all-time favorite board game or try something new with printables. Or let Grandpa teach a card game. You could encourage the kids to share a favorite battle royale video game. Or put up teams for timed jigsaw puzzle competitions.

No matter what the game is, snacks are always a must!

Top tip: You’ll want a mix of luck-based games like Sheepy Time and games that stimulate the mind like chess. This will keep the whole group engaged while giving everyone a fair chance to win irrespective of their skill levels.

2. Share the Perfect Summer Day

A splash in the water is refreshing for anyone irrespective of their age. Grandparents and the kids would love to beat the summer heat at the local water park. Or have a water fight with the garden hose and backyard sprinklers. Kiddie pools are always a hit with younger children. 

If the evenings are cool enough, you could end the day with a barbeque or a spooky storytime around a bonfire. Don’t forget the s’mores!

Top tip: Consider letting the children help decorate the backyard with fairy lights. They’ll be thrilled when the sun sets, revealing the magical nightscape. They could also put up a cozy teepee tent outside.

3. Create Something New Together

What’s better than an artsy afternoon with the grandkids? A handmade memento to remember that experience for many years to come.

Depending on how artistic your parents and children are, they could draw portraits of each other or just paint some rocks. Grandma could show the children how to knit a winter hat. Or they can create a scrapbook spread with family photos. They could even make a wooden birdhouse and decorate it with paper flowers and origami sparrows.

Creating things together is an intimate bonding experience. Arts and crafts also help with early childhood development, like fine motor skills and critical thinking.

4. Bring Home the Bacon

Even grocery shopping and cooking dinner can be fun, especially if food is your family’s love language.

Let the grandparents and grandkids handle the grocery list —and pretend you don’t see the extra sugary treats in the bags.

Hand over your kitchen and embrace the chaos as they prepare dinner. This is a great opportunity for seniors to pass on the recipes for their signature dishes. Make sure the kids are taking notes!

Top tip: If you worry about your aging parents struggling financially, consider helping them sign up for the medicare grocery allowance for seniors. Programs like this offer food security and nutritious meals for the elderly.

5. Exchange Their Favorite Books

Set up a grandparent-grandchild library date! 

Younger readers can pick out their favorite picture book and read along with grandma before bedtime. Not only does this improve vocabulary and reading comprehension, but the opportunity to share their favorites will make them more excited to read.

Older children may enjoy reading Grandpa’s favorite novel and talking about why he liked it. Reading is known to increase empathy and help adolescents with self-discovery.

Top tip: Make a family reading nook to enjoy books together. Add armchairs for the seniors and a pile of fluffy cushions for the kids. Top it off with a cozy canopy and a hot chocolate station.


It might be difficult to organize activities for both energetic young children and the slower pace of seniors, but it’s always worth it.

We hope these ideas will make your next quality time activity that much more special.

Julie Higgins
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