How to Make Your Air Conditioner Less Noticeable

Many people get through the intense summer months by installing an air conditioner in their homes. Doing this helps them stay cool and feel relaxed day and night.

While the appliance can efficiently make you more comfortable when it’s too hot outside, you might not be a fan of how it looks against your home’s interior and exterior appeal. 

For instance, window type air conditioners have metal parts of the units hanging outside your home’s wall, which can stick out unattractively in your beautiful patio, garden, or exterior wall.

On the other hand, the appliance’s front panel traditionally comes in striking white color, which may not match your decor. It may also turn yellow with age and give the appliance a more dated look.

Whatever the reason, some homeowners consider air conditioners to be a bit of an eyesore and prefer to keep them out of sight.

If you have a similar issue with your air conditioning unit, there are several methods you can try to make your AC unit less noticeable.

How to Make Your Air Conditioner Less Noticeable

Creative Installations to Hide Your Air Conditioner Inside Your Home

Before looking into tips on how to make your air conditioner less obvious inside your home, keep in mind that your unit needs space to release the cool air.

So, make sure there isn’t anything blocking the appliance’s vents, or else your unit will have to work extra hard to achieve a comfortable room temperature.

Over time, the stress can damage your appliance so don’t trade aesthetics for performance. When it comes to effectively concealing your air conditioning unit inside your home while allowing it to function as normal, here are some suggestions. 

Place Some Curtains Over It

One quick and simple solution to make your AC unit less obvious indoors is by placing some curtains over it. If your air conditioner is installed near your window, you can use curtains to cover the window as well as the unit.

The fabric will help conceal the appliance when it’s not in use and can simply be pulled back to expose the vents when you want to use the air conditioner. 

Install a Cabinet for Your Unit

Another way to make your window-type air conditioner less noticeable is by building a small cabinet around the unit.

It can resemble a wooden storage space and be decorated in colors or styles matching your room. This way, it can seamlessly blend with the rest of your interiors.

To ensure your air conditioner can still effectively cool your room, use a cabinet door design with slats or lattice cut-outs so cold air can easily flow through.

When installing the cabinet, make sure you can easily access the unit inside. You may need to pull out the appliance for repairs and maintenance so there should be enough space to remove and install the AC as needed. 

Make the Unit Part of Your Outdoor Décor

When concealing the exterior portion of your window-type air conditioner, remember to have ample space between the covering and the unit.

The outdoor vents of air conditioners generate heat and the appliance is prone to overheat if it cannot expel the hot air.

To effectively camouflage your air conditioner from outside while allowing for good air circulation, here are some creative methods you can try. 

Set Up a Vine Wall

An effective way to hide your air conditioner is with a vine wall. Begin by installing a wooden trellis in front of the unit and placing a plant box at the bottom for your plants.

You can paint the trellis in the same color as your exterior wall so it won’t clash with your home’s design while waiting for the plant to grow.

If you’re looking for a great plant that will easily crawl and cover the trellis, consider bougainvillea. It’s a common plant to see in Asian homes because it grows easily and produces the prettiest flowers.

Alternatively, you can place artificial vine plants on the trellis to provide immediate coverage and make maintenance easier.

Use a Metal Enclosure

If your air conditioner is installed in the upper level of your house, the best way to make it less obvious is by using a decorative metal enclosure.

Look for a metal case with a lattice design so that air can move with ease and not disrupt your unit’s cooling performance.

Aside from making your air conditioner less conspicuous, putting a metal case can enhance your home’s exterior with its pretty design.

In addition to its aesthetic value, the metal cover provides added protection for your appliance. Since it’s made from durable metal, it helps to shield your unit from rain and other natural elements.

When it comes to installing the case, you won’t have to worry too much. A lot of pre-made air conditioner covers available today can quickly be attached to walls using heavy-duty screws.

They also often come with a sturdy bracket base for support so it won’t accidentally fall off.

Many families rely on their air conditioners to stay comfortable inside their homes, especially during the summer season.

However, these appliances can often look out of place against the interior and exterior design of your home. Fortunately, there are effective and creative ways to conceal your window-type unit.

When camouflaging your air conditioner, keep in mind your home’s aesthetic style and how to best complement it without affecting the unit’s performance

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