Is an Aparthotel Better than a Hotel?

When you’re traveling and looking for a place to stay, whether it’s for business or pleasure, it can be hard to know which option will give you the most bang for your buck. Most people are always torn apart between choosing an aparthotel and a hotel room.

These two are entirely different, and each will give you a different experience. An aparthotel is a hotel that has apartment-style units with full kitchens and living areas, as opposed to just hotel rooms.

This gives you more of a home-away-from-home experience while also giving you the flexibility of making meals or grabbing something already prepared from the restaurant when you don’t feel like cooking.

If you already like the sound of it and are planning to travel to London, you will find some of the best aparthotels that will accommodate you well.

However, weighing the benefits of renting an aparthotel or a hotel is still important to know which one is the best. Keep reading to discover more.

Is an Aparthotel Better than a Hotel

Aparthotel and a Hotel Room: Which One is Better?

When you are planning to travel, there are a few basic things that you will need during your trip.

Therefore, it is crucial to check if the place you are booking will accommodate you fully and provide you with a comfortable stay.

When it comes to aparthotels and hotel rooms, they provide different services and offer different experiences. Let’s find out which one is preferable.

Living Space

Unlike hotels, aparthotels are spacious and can accommodate more than one person.

Apartments also allow you to concentrate on your work, especially when you have traveled with your kids, as it comes with an office, master bedroom, and other rooms.

In other words, you can move from one room to the next as you would in your house.


If you are planning to stay in London for more than one weekend, then aparthotels are cheaper than hotel rooms.

Hotel rooms don’t allow you to cook your meals, but aparthotels come with a fully equipped kitchen, and you can prepare anything you want. This allows you to cook and take meals on your own time.


Most hotels are usually located in centralized places, like around the airport or busy places.

On the other hand, aparthotels are located in residential areas. Hence they provide flexibility and freedom.

Length of Stay

Hotel rooms are mainly meant for short stays. You cannot stay for more than a week in a hotel.

This should automatically tell you that it is wise to book an apartment if you plan to stay in London for a month or even longer. Each aparthotel has its rules and regulations, but they allow visitors to stay for extended periods.

The best part is that they come with furniture and other amenities that will help make your life easier during your stay.


Whether you are planning to travel alone or with your family, aparthotels are the best to stay in. They provide a home feel and offer everything you would need during your stay.

It is also spacious, which is suitable for more than one or even two people. Another thing is that they allow you to save money as you can cook your meals.

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