Must-Have Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Not all applications are useful for saving money. Some of them lure your income for virtual purchases, while the others distract from important things only. To protect yourself, you need to follow digital hygiene. Let’s find out more about different money-saving apps and methods to make your life easier

Must have Apps to Make Your Life Easier 1

Controlling Your Budget

The ideal budget should be a summary of family income and expenses for the next few months.

If you get used to keeping a budget on a paper in the old-fashioned way, then the tables created in Excel or Numbers (for мacOS) or in some online office system will be a good alternative. In Microsoft Office, for example, there are even special free templates for maintaining a family budget.

There is also a template for the budget in the free OpenOffice text editor.

Such everyday apps have an obvious advantage: the ability to structure your budget. It’s limited only by your skills and imagination. In the end, you become more financially literate.

You can start with the simplest table. Get a paper for the desired period of time (preferably for a week, maximum – for a month).

Write down the categories of expenses and use only simple formulas to calculate the amount of your planned expense and income.

Now, it remains only to record expenses in time and follow your purchases.  

Wise Shopping

Going to the store, we’re used to making shopping lists on a piece of paper. However, it’s much more convenient to use special mobile applications that allow you to edit such a list on the fly and give access to it to other family members.

Among the most popular applications, we can point out Bring! and Our Groceries Shopping List.

They are extremely easy to use; at the same time, they help to structure your purchases. All kinds of popular positions have already been laid in their bases, so you can group your products by the departments of the store where they are found.

They’re obviously in the list of really needed apps

Moreover, any lover of saving, for sure, knows what it’s like to stand in front of the cash register and flip through the pockets of a business card holder, rummage through all the compartments of a bag in search of the right discount card.

Stocard is a wallet application for discount cards. It saves not only money (now you don’t have to be afraid to forget your card at home), but also a place in your wallet.

The application interface is intuitive and concise. While the main disadvantage of the application isn’t very convenient systematization of discounts.

If you have more than 50 discount cards in your hands, the only way to find the right one is to scroll. We think this e-wallet may be among your money-saving apps too.

Cheap Travelling

You need to have a special app for budget traveling.

For example, HotelTonight is a program that helps to save money for those who are not afraid to travel spontaneously. However, it’s not suitable for those who plan their vacation for six months or go on holiday with their family and pets.

With HotelTonight, people can find last-minute hotel rooms and book them with check-in on the same day, tomorrow or next week. It’s beneficial to both potential guests and hotels.

Be attentive as rooms can be booked for up to 5 nights. Besides, the application motivates its users to invite their friends and receive rewards for each of them who would use the service.

Final Words

All in all, each of us should think about their budget.

Of course, new technologies may make this process clear and simple. As a result, you need to have a list of apps to make your life easier and save important time and money.

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