How To Organize and Revamp Your Attic Space

For many of us, the attic is a space of dust, mess, and clutter. However, this does not have to be the case and the renovation opportunities are endless.

An additional living room, a guest bedroom, or a home gym; all are within reach when it comes to renovating an attic. But for a room that is usually piled high with unnecessary jumble, where do you even begin?



If you want to make an attic space liveable, ventilation is unequivocally vital. You should install roof vents to assist the air circulation, this will prevent damage to the roof tiles caused by rising hot air.

Similarly, it will inhibit the development of damp; damp problems can not only jeopardize the structural integrity of your home, but they can also present health issues if mold is allowed to fester.

Roof vents can be purchased from multiple online retailers, stocking a variety of brands, including Hambleside Danelaw. 


As well as ventilation, transforming an attic into a living space will require much insulation. This is because attics were initially designed to be storage solutions, meaning that they are not often built to accommodate sound or heat requirements.

You will need to invest in cushioned rugs or carpets to absorb vibrations caused by footsteps. Additionally, the exterior walls will have to be insulated in order to trap heat and minimize sound traveling outside of the vicinity of the room.


In the absence of windows, attics can often feel dingy, and this is not the ambiance that you want from a newly organized space. In order to get around this, you will have to purchase various modes of lighting. This lighting will differ depending on what you require of the room.

For example, a gym might demand bright LED lights to keep the energy of the room alive. Alternatively, for a living room or guest room, you might opt for warm lamps in order to create a cozy atmosphere.



When creating a fresh, new space, it is imperative to throw out any unwanted junk. Everyone is guilty of hoarding bric-a-brac that might be of use someday, but it is more likely that it will continue to fill your space and collect dust.

Not everything needs to be disposed of, items such as clothes, toys, or household goods could be donated to charity shops or other organizations. This way, you simultaneously clear your space and do a good deed – win, win!


In order to create a neater and safer space, you will need to fasten your wiring. This will not only be more aesthetically pleasing, but it will also contribute to the room’s safety. In fact, as many as 24,000 electrical fires occur yearly in America.

Frayed wiring is a predominant culprit of this so if your wiring is hidden away, it will be less prone to damage.


You will need to be especially creative with your storage solutions for an attic due to slanted or lower ceilings.

Effectively, built-in storage is the most ideal solution as you will be able to customize it to the size and shape of your space.


Like storage solutions, you will have to furnish the space with pieces that slot into the unusual shape of attics. It will be essential to measure the dimensions of the room and any furniture you wish to bring into the space in order to avoid feeling constricted.

It cannot be denied that a new project and a fresh space are incredibly exciting prospects, but what will you do with your attic?

Julie Higgins
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