33 Gorgeous Baby Shower Updo Ideas to Refresh Your Look

A baby shower is a rare event and looking your best means feeling your best.

That’s why your hair should get as much consideration as your outfit and makeup – you can even accessorize your do to fit the theme of the party.

Updos are a breezy, classy go-to for any celebrations, and they work with a diverse range of hair types.

If you’re stumped about what to do with your hair on the big day, consider the following hand-picked options. 

33 Best Baby Shower Updo Ideas

Enjoy our curated collection of baby shower updo styles:

1. Low Ponytail with Floral Hair Accessories

baby shower updo ideas

2. Twisted Low Chignon with Floral Accent

baby shower updo ideas

3. Sleek Updo with Decorative Hair Comb

baby shower updo ideas

4. Classic French Twist with Modern Touch

baby shower updo ideas

5. Soft Curls Gathered in a Low Bun

baby shower updo ideas

6. Messy Updo with Pearl-Embellished Hairpins

baby shower updo ideas

7. Low Bun with Beaded Hairpins

baby shower updo ideas

8. Sophisticated Twisted Low Bun

baby shower updo ideas

9. Elegant Low Ponytail

baby shower updo ideas

10. Chic French Twist Updo

baby shower updo ideas

11. Elegant Low Updo with Crystal Hairpins

baby shower updo ideas

12. Elegant Low Ponytail Updo

baby shower updo ideas

13. Loose Braided Crown

baby shower updo ideas

14. Sleek and Simple Low Bun

baby shower updo ideas

15. Twisted Low Bun with Vintage Clips

baby shower updo ideas

16. Sleek Updo

baby shower updo ideas

17. Twisted Low Bun

baby shower updo ideas

18. Simple and Chick Low Updo

baby shower updo ideas

19. Intricate Fishtail Braid Bun

baby shower updo ideas

20. Romantic Updo with Braided Details

baby shower updo ideas

21. Loose Bun with Bangs

baby shower updo ideas

22. Braided Updo with Leaf Hair Accessories

baby shower updo ideas

23. Twisted Low Ponytail

baby shower updo ideas

24. Messy Updo

baby shower updo ideas

25. Sleek Top Knot

baby shower updo ideas

26. Chic Low Bun with Side Braid

baby shower updo ideas

27. Braided Low Ponytail Updo

baby shower updo ideas

28. Classic Low Bun

baby shower updo ideas

29. Braided Messy Updo

baby shower updo ideas

30. Low Chignon with Delicate Hair Vines

baby shower updo ideas

31. Elegant Updo with Side Braided Bangs

baby shower updo ideas

32. Twisted Updo with Velvet Headband

baby shower updo ideas

33. Boho Braided Updo with Flower Accessories

baby shower updo ideas

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Practical Tips for Updo Creation

Updos aren’t always an easy task.

From tools and techniques to specially made products, the world of hair design is expansive.

Doing your own hair for your baby shower is totally possible but  consider the following tips to make the process as seamless as can be.  

First off, detangle your hair as best as you can to make sure it’s easy to work with.

You can style your hair after it’s been washed, or work with hair that is a few days old.

Hair that has not been shampooed for a few days might actually have more texture and be easier to style, but it really depends on the individual.

If you’re planning to curl naturally straight hair, unwashed hair will generally be more receptive to a new shape.

Dry shampoo spray is a great addition to hair that needs a little boost instead of a full-on wash.  

If your updo works best with soft curls or waves, but you have naturally straight hair, a curler might not be enough.

Texturizing spray will help your hair get used to its new curl and add volume at the same time.

Use this on each section of hair before braiding, twisting or pinning into place. 

You should also have a trusted brush and comb combo at hand- some hairstyles might require backcombing to add height.

A set of sectioning clips is another handy tool that will help you separate your hair as you work on it- and hold one section in place as you move on to another.

When your updo is complete, it’s time for hairspray.

Whether you choose light, medium, or strong hold hairspray will depend on your hair type and how long you want your do to stay in place.

Light spray will keep your style secure for a few hours without weighing your hair down.

This option is best for a light smoothing touch or to give your curls a bit of support. 

Medium hair spray will likely preserve your hairstyle all day and can add plenty of volume without feeling overly heavy.

Strong hold hairspray is a more foolproof solution for complex updos that you want to stay in place all day.

This works especially well for long events or outdoor parties- you never know how a humid day might affect your updo.

Consideration for Hair Length and Texture

Hair comes in all shapes, textures and colors, and there’s an updo out there for everyone. Keep reading to find yours!

If you have short, shoulder-length hair, consider lightly curling it for volume-amplifying waves.

Then, leave a few strands out in the front to frame your face as you tie the rest of your hair back.

You can tie it in a low bun or a messy ponytail with a thin braid leading into it- complete the look with a romantic hair scarf.

For something a little more elegant, consider a low chignon at the base of your neck, or the classic, effortless French twist. 

If you have medium or long hair, the range of updos you can experiment with is a little more expansive.

If you want to go casual, gather your hair into a looser, messier version of the classic chignon bun.

These are super easy to dress up with hair pins and other accessories of your choice, including flowers.

If you love braids but want to go further than the traditional plait, consider double Dutch or fishtail braids.

These are both unique options for pulling your hair back while letting your playful side out.

For a look you can wear with hair pins, let the end of a single Dutch braid out and tie it into a low, messy bun. 

If your hair naturally forms tight curls, consider two thin side braids or twists that lead into a voluminous chignon-style bun at the nape of your neck.

A French twist will work well as well, especially if you’re looking for a fresh, sophisticated look.

You might also want to try pulling your curls back in a slick high ponytail and letting them cascade out along the back of your head. 

Straight hair will look best with a volume-gifting braid, woven into a sleek low bun, or amped up with a few gentle curls before styling. 

Wavy hair gets the best of both worlds and will look great when put up in a crown braid that allows a few wisps to escape, or a high ponytail that falls down your back.

Wavy hair is also made for half up- half down hairstyles, as it has a knack for appearing breezy as opposed to messy. 

Accessories and Embellishments

The best thing about an updo is all the ways you can accessorize it!

Since your updo is way out of your face, it can hold a range of cute additions that will secure your hair in place as you dance the night away.


Hairpins come in a range of shapes and sizes, and immediately brighten up any head of hair.

Consider a sparkly, bedazzled pin to add pizzazz to your outfit, or a metallic finish for a touch of class.

These work best in updos that allow a lot of hair space for the pin to sink into, such as buns and twists.

You can match the color and finish of the pin to your hair shade, outfit, or the color scheme of your shower. 

Floral Accents

Feminine and easy to rock, floral accents are the way to go, especially if you’re having a spring or summertime shower.

These can take the form of artificial flower hair pins, headbands, or hair crowns.

You can even experiment with real flowers tucked behind the ears, woven into tight braids, or woven into a live crown.

A flower crown will go great with long, flowing hair accented by bohemian braids.

Flower hair claws and barrettes work perfectly with shorter hairstyles looking for a pop of color. 

Hair combs

Charmingly old-fashioned yet timeless, hair combs are an easy way to add your party motif into a hairstyle.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s not hard to find a variety of hair combs on sale online.

This means you’ll be able to find one that fits into your baby shower theme, no matter how niche it may be!

Hair combs do a great job pulling back your hair while adding a touch of glam.

Try them with half up- half down hairstyles, buns, and braided dos.   

Coordination with Outfit and Makeup

Coordination is key to any look, and your hairstyle should match your outfit and makeup. Whichever of the three you decide on first, the other two will depend on it. 

If you’re going for a more sophisticated, understated look, you’ll likely want to settle on natural makeup and a tidy updo like a twist.

Add a braided element for a touch of whimsy- this move can be complemented by an eye-catching clutch or statement necklace.

Consider neutral colors like silver, rose gold and pearl for hair accessories, especially if your outfit fits a more neutral palette. 

If you’re all about whimsy, color, and the unexpected, don’t hesitate to go all out with your hair.

A bold smokey eye, paired with a couture dress and decorative hairstyle can be iconic.

Consider something you haven’t tried before, like double fishtail braids or an intricately braided hair crown.

Whether you choose long and loose or a secure updo, you can accessorize with all sorts of embellishments, including light-up hair braids, statement clips, headbands, or even a fairy-tale-like dried flower crown. 

Trial and Practice

No matter which direction you go in, trial and error is your best friend.

Set aside some time to try hairstyle, makeup and outfit combos in advance, preferably with the help of a trusted friend. 

Some styles might take much longer or require more supplies than you expect, so it’s good to get a picture of the process before the big day.

Trying it out in advance gives you plenty of room to make adjustments and refine your look until it’s absolutely perfect.

If you’re doing your own hair, this will also ease you into the process so that you’re comfortable doing it again under pressure. 


A carefully curated updo is a foolproof way to add glam and class to any baby shower look.

Be sure to look for new styles outside of your comfort zone to mark this milestone- you might find something spectacular!

Experiment in advance, and trust your taste- after all, you’re the one who knows what makes you feel your best. 

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Jessica is our resident hairstyle expert. As a hairstylist with 15 years of experience based in Texas, she is the ultimate go-to person for picking the right hair color, choosing a trending hairstyle and any advice on hair makeover.