Backpacking Through Europe- All You Need to Know

Europe has plenty of things to see and do for all visitors: From incredibly rich cultural heritage, and breathtaking sceneries, to high-end tourist attractions. Visitors to the continent get to relax and quench their quest for adventure. 

Planning to make Europe your next destination? Here is a guide to take you through everything you need to know about backpacking through Europe for an unparalleled travel experience.

Backpacking Through Europe All You Need to Know 1

Pick Your Destination

Europe is full of amazing destinations with different offerings.  The first step towards achieving your best destination is considering what you and everyone else coming along with you lobes doing. Also, you consider your traveling goals and budget and then research locations that are top-rated for the experiences you are looking for.

Get Your Travel Documents

After choosing your destination, research and get the legal travel documents for the destination country to validate your entry and existence in it. For instance, visitors to the Schengen area, require a Schengen visa to enter, explore, and stay in the area, if they don’t come from Schengen member states.

On the other hand, travelers from the Schengen area can enter, stay, and explore any of the Schengen member states without a visa.  However, due to safety and security reasons, travelers from visa-exempt states will be required to produce travel authorization ETIAS come 2025.

Doing proper homework before departing will give you an easy time to navigate through Europe and unveil its hidden gems. The other travel documents you may need besides a visa include driving license, a valid passport, travel itinerary documents, and proof of accommodation among others.

Find Accommodation

After spending hours exploring various attractions in Europe, you will need a place to relax and reflect on the experiences of the day. That’s where good accommodation comes into play. 

One good thing about Europe is that it offers accommodation for people of all classes. Whether you want to reside in a hotel, camping site, hostel, Airbnb, actual B &B’ or homestays, Europe has it all. All you need is to pick an accommodation that resonates with your lifestyle without breaking the bank.

If you are low on budget, then you can look for free backpacker accommodation by getting a hostel job or offering house-sitting services in exchange for accommodation.  However, the former is only possible if you stay in your destination for months.

Research on Transportation

Upon landing in Europe, you need some means of transport to move from the airport to your residence or from one exploration area to another. That is why you should research an affordable transportation means to spare yourself the travel inconveniences that may arise upon landing at your destination.

While hiring a tour and travel company is the most convenient way to navigate through Europe, it comes at a cost. But the good news is that you can still make the most out of your backpacking trip cheaply using the public transport system.

Most countries have an exceptionally good public transport system including trains, automobiles, and air. So, you can be sure to find a reliable public transport system if your budget doesn’t allow you to hire private means.

Europe is an all-year-round destination, promising its visitors a great time regardless of their destination. If you plan to explore the continent, the above tips will guide you through the preparation process to make your backpacking through Europe a breeze.

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