6 Benefits of Buying an Ex-Display Kitchen

If you’re someone who cares about the environment but can’t resist a thrifty investment, ex-display kitchens are the perfect renovation tactic.

These hardly-used models offer shoppers a balance between high-quality designs and cost-effectiveness. Being used in public showrooms, ex-display kitchens are offered at significantly lower prices but have never been used in a practical sense (e.g. to cook!)

So, what more can homeowners get out of purchasing a pre-loved kitchen?

Ex-Display Kitchen

1. Cost-Savings

As we know, pre-loved kitchens are often sold at a significantly reduced price compared to their original retail value, but why? Well, most ex-display models have been showcased in showrooms but not in a home environment.

They could also come from order cancellations or projects that weren’t completed, leaving the retailer with a high-quality kitchen that hasn’t found its way into a domestic setting!

The nature of ex-display kitchens eliminates the need for long wait times typically associated with made-to-order kitchens because they’re already ready for installation!

Not only can this save you money, but it’s an attractive selling point for those looking to renovate their kitchens without the extended preparation and construction period.

2. Essentially New

Owning a pre-loved kitchen set-up for a fraction of the cost seems too good to be true, but that’s one of the main appeals of ex-display units.

These kitchens come directly from showroom floors, where they’ve been displayed to show off a brand’s signature style or exceptional carpentry.

Ex display kitchens, for example, have all the brand’s unique finishes, worktops and door styles without the hefty price tag!

While these kitchens have been exposed to viewers, they haven’t been used for cooking or other kitchen activities, meaning their condition remains top-notch.

They’re the perfect pathway to upgrading your home with a luxury kitchen at a significantly reduced cost.

3. Environmental Benefits

The benefits of ex-display kitchens extend beyond just cost savings. They’re actually a way for individuals to make positive environmental contributions whilst renovating a property. But how?

The most obvious eco-friendly benefit of pre-loved kitchens is that it helps reduce waste. As they’re essentially new and unused, they remain in excellent condition and, if not installed in a home, end up on a landfill site.

That’s without considering the impact ex-display models have on carbon emissions. Manufacturing kitchens from scratch requires lots of resources and energy, which can negatively impact our global carbon footprint.

By reusing an ex-display kitchen, the demand for new materials and the energy consumed in producing a new kitchen is significantly lowered. This, in turn, lessens the ecological impact of acquiring a new kitchen​.

4. Time-Saving

A big appeal of ex-display kitchens is that they come fully constructed and ready for installation.

Their pre-built nature means homeowners can bypass the time-consuming process of selecting individual components, such as cabinets, countertops, and appliances.

Brands and manufacturers actually do this for you: in constructing ex-display kitchens, you can save time which would otherwise be spent researching, comparing, and coordinating design elements.

With an ex-display kitchen, homeowners can also avoid the hassle of multiple visits to different showrooms or retailers to finalise their kitchen choices.

Instead, they can browse available ex-display options, select a suitable kitchen that meets their requirements, and proceed with the purchase and installation process in a much shorter time frame.

5. Wide Array of Styles

Most major retailers and kitchen manufacturers have display rooms throughout the UK. But how does this work in homeowners’ favour? With various styles on the market, ex-display kitchens don’t restrict you to one style.

Owners of period properties can purchase an idyllic, English-inspired kitchen, and modern homes can browse through hundreds of minimalist kitchen designs.  

While these kitchens are typically pre-built and showcased as-is, there may be opportunities to make minor adjustments or tailor the kitchen to your requirements.

For example, homeowners could swap out certain elements such as cabinet hardware, worktop materials, or appliance finishes to better match their interior.

6. Adds Value to Your Property

Upgrading to a premium kitchen without the price tag is attractive both in the short and long term. Purchasing an ex-display unit saves you money from the moment the purchase is finalised.

You get all the luxury features of a high-end brand for less.

Then, there’s the long-term: due to the low cost of ex-display kitchens, they’re a cost-effective way to bring your property in line with modern styles.

Even if you’re not planning to sell your home for a while, making it more attractive to potential buyers can increase the home’s market value without necessitating a large investment.

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