Dreaming About a Big House? Here are the Pros and Cons

At some point of time in the future, we all want to live in a house we can call our own. Whether you’re single and have always dreamed of having a mansion to yourself, or if you’re married and want to have enough space for your growing family – having a big house can be a huge plus, especially in the current economy where everything is uncertain.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through some of the major pros and cons of owning a big house, and we hope this will help you make a decision that will work for you and your future. Let’s dive right in!

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Pros of Owning a Big House

1. Freedom and Comfort

Let’s start with the most obvious benefits that come with a big house. Even if it’s just you and your spouse at the moment, you’re going to have to plan for 5 or 6 years ahead, when you may have 2 or more kids.

Housing a big family in a small home is definitely possible, but there are many drawbacks to doing so.

For one, as your children grow older, they’ll want their privacy as much as you do, and this may lead to a lot of friction – especially if you have no more than 2 bedrooms.

Additionally, you’ll have the freedom to invite your parents, grandparents, and friends over as guests to stay the night if you have a space that has at least one or two guest bedrooms – which will make everyone feel a whole lot more comfortable.

Additionally, if you’re an entrepreneur or are going to be starting your own business, or even a remote employee who needs a separate space to work in and attend meetings all day, having separate rooms like home offices will definitely make the experience of remote work all the more pleasant and easy.

2. More Space for Your Things

There are many people who have to manage the basic necessities when it comes to clothes and furniture, simply because they know they don’t have the space for everything they truly want to have.

While this could work for young people, as you grow older, it gets harder to manage a household with nothing but the necessities, especially if you have children who want to buy things for themselves too – such as study tables, computers, bean bags, and whatnot.

Having a bigger house gives you more elbow when it comes to purchasing bigger things for your household – a huge benefit that comes with this is most of the big items (such as furniture) can be seen as property that can be passed on to your children, so buying them when they’re at an affordable rate would actually save you money in the long run, especially since the cost of living seems to increase with each year.

Additionally, you can truly safeguard your property in the long run by comparing various insurance home and contents policies and picking the right one which will cover the items that you value in your home.

Cons of Owning a Big House

1. Maintenance and Expense

Even if you’re extremely careful with your monthly expenses, you’ll still need to set aside a considerable amount each year just for maintaining your home.

Whether it’s cleaning, gardening, or painting, you’ll need to plan your finances in advance in order to keep your home clean and safe from environmental pollutants and overgrown grounds.

2. Higher Living Expense

Right from your electricity and water bills, there’s a chance that you’ll end up spending more than you intended to if you live in a large house.

However, there are ways to bring your monthly bills down by educating your children on the importance (and the benefits) of saving energy and water, right from a young age.

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