Body Doubling Technique: How It Will Help to Improve Our Lives?

Have you ever heard of the term ‘body doubling technique,’ and did you know that it can help to improve our lives? If you want to know more about this, then continue reading. 

In this article, we will delve into the concept of body doubling, how it works, and how the technique helps to improve our lives.

Also, you will learn about some strategies to overcome Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and work on an effective body-doubling technique.

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Body Doubling Technique

What is Body Doubling?


Body doubling has its origins in the realm of psychology, where studies indicate that simply having another individual present can increase accountability and offer assistance, aiding individuals in remaining focused and committed to their tasks.

Body doubling is a method used to boost productivity and concentration, especially for individuals facing attention difficulties such as ADHD or struggles with executive functioning.

Essentially, it entails having another person nearby while you engage in tasks that demand focus. This person acts as a supportive presence, offering encouragement and accountability without necessarily participating directly in the work.

This approach stems from psychological insights acknowledging that the presence of another individual can foster a sense of responsibility and structure, aiding in task completion and maintaining concentration.

Body doubling proves particularly beneficial for tasks requiring prolonged attention or when overcoming tendencies to procrastinate or avoid work.

How Does Body Doubling Work?

Being present with another person at the same time

The individual serving as the body double doesn’t have to actively engage in the task at hand. They can simply be present in the same space, pursuing their activities like reading, using their laptop, or simply being quiet. The crucial aspect is their supportive presence, which helps the individual remain focused on their tasks.

Combining body doubling technique with other strategies

Combining body doubling with other strategies like breaking tasks into smaller steps, establishing specific objectives and deadlines, and utilizing tools such as timers or organizational methods can enhance its effectiveness.

Its adaptable nature allows it to be tailored to individual preferences and requirements, rendering it a valuable asset for enhancing productivity and addressing attention-related obstacles.

How does the Body Doubling Technique Help to Improve Our Lives?

Body Doubling Helps Improve Productivity

By Creating a structured environment, we work with another person to observe our actions reduces the likelihood of being distracted by thoughts or succumbing to the temptation of doing something else.

Put differently, a body double serves as an external form of self-regulation, aiding in our ability to remain focused and attentive. 

Body Doubling Can Help Overcome procrastination and avoidance Behaviors

We need help starting tasks, staying on track, and managing time, always getting distracted by virtually anything that is not our task. By having someone participate with the body doubling technique, we can retain focus and avoid procrastination because there is power in the company and we need someone to remind us of that need to accomplish our tasks, increase our focus and attention, and be accountable to our actions.

Body Doubling can help improve our Time management

Having someone remind us to prioritize tasks and maintain consistency in focusing our attention to complete important tasks.

3 Strategies for an Effective Body Doubling

  • Selecting a Suitable Partner for Body Double

Select someone supportive and empathetic, and communicate your expectations and limits.

  • Set up a distraction-free area for your workspace

Set up a suitable workspace without interruptions, and ensure both people are dedicated to the task.

  • Combine with other tools and techniques

Combine body doubling with additional productivity methods and tools, like task management systems and timers, to improve its effectiveness.


In conclusion, the body doubling technique offers a promising approach to enhancing productivity and focus, particularly for individuals facing attention-related challenges such as ADHD.

By having another person present, individuals are less likely to succumb to distractions and can benefit from the accountability and support provided by a body double.

Moreover, integrating body doubling with other strategies, such as breaking tasks into smaller steps and utilizing timers, can further enhance its effectiveness in improving time management and overcoming procrastination.

Overall, exploring the concept of body doubling and incorporating it into one’s routine may offer valuable support in achieving productivity and focus goals.

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