5 Reasons To Get a Breathable Baby Mattress

Most kids need to get sleep for 8 and 10 hours a night. That’s why it’s so important that they have a comfortable bed to sleep in. Having the right crib mattress can help them sleep better and is one of the most important factors that parents should consider when it comes to choosing their sleeping arrangements.

5 Reasons To Get a Breathable Baby Mattress

What Are Breathable Mattresses?

Breathable mattresses are made of porous or permeable materials that allow air to pass through their surface. This type of cushion can be very helpful for babies who usually sleep on their stomachs.

Since keeping a baby on their backs is very important, parents often need to be at hand to ensure their child gets enough sleep and won’t smother themselves if they roll onto their stomachs. However, with a breathable baby mattress like those from Naturepedic, the child can sleep on their own since a breathable mattress prevents suffocation.

Benefits of Breathable Mattresses

Choosing from the selection of ideal crib mattresses can be challenging due to the endless variety of materials and fabrics available. However, with a breathable crib mattress, you can never go wrong.

1. Sweat Reduction

Conventional mattresses tend to trap heat and cause too much sweating inside the body.

This issue can lead to overheating and can also cause a child to feel uncomfortable while trying to sleep. Sweating can ruin a baby’s sleep patterns.

2. Keeps Bacteria and Mold Away

The surface of a breathable crib mattress is free from moisture. Too much moisture on a mattress can lead to the development of mold and other bacteria.

A moisture-free mattress eliminates the possibility of your child getting sick from the various diseases that can develop from this issue. This type of crib mattress is also considered a green option.

3. Less Suffocation Risk

The surface of a breathable mattress is porous enough to allow air to pass through. This means that your child will always have enough air no matter how they sleep.

If your child is a stomach sleeper, you can rest assured knowing they are still getting air even when their face is down. For many parents, this benefit is worth more than any of the rest.

4. Parents Get More Rest

It is also very helpful for parents to have this type of mattress since it allows them to get their usual sleep without having to constantly monitor their child’s sleeping postures.

With this type of mattress, all family members will be able to get the rest they need.

5. No Need for Crib Sheets

Since a breathable mattress is made from a combination of soft and porous materials, it doesn’t require the use of bedsheets to remove its surface.

Also, since it’s designed to be cleaned quickly and quietly, it can be cleaned often.

Conventional mattresses are not ideal for babies since they do not meet the standards of breathable designs. Instead, choose a mattress that’s free from the shortcomings of traditional crib mattresses.

If the current crib mattress for your child is not breathable, then you should not hesitate to purchase one that is. Your child will be safe and sleep much better.

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