Breathtaking Destinations in Europe

Europe is home to some of the most varied and exhilarating holiday destinations anywhere in the world. It’s been the theatre of thousands of years of history, and played a crucial role in shaping the modern world.

As such, there’s no shortage of important buildings and monuments to marvel at. But at the same time, there’s also incredible scenery to explore, too.

You can have a good time in Europe as a large group of friends, a family of four, as a couple, or even on your own. There are plenty of walking holidays for singles that will give you the opportunity to not only explore the landscape, but to meet new people along the way, too.

Let’s take a look at a few of the more breathtaking destinations the continent has to offer. If you’re looking to spend your break somewhere beautiful, then you’ll want to consider a stay at one of the following:

Breathtaking Destinations in Europe 1

The Azores

This remote archipelago can actually be found right in the middle of the Atlantic, though it remains a Portuguese territory.

As such, there are sights to behold here that can’t be found on the mainland. You might spend one-day whale-watching, and another indulging in a round of golf.

The Kravice Waterfalls

In the middle of Herzegovina, we find the Kravice waterfalls, where the Trebižat tumbles off a huge limestone deposit into a massive lake.

The area is heavily forested and almost completely unspoilt – though it’s still very accessible to tourists.

The Troodos Mountains

The Troodos mountains run along the western flank of Cyprus, where the air is filled with the refreshing blue haze of eucalyptus for much of the year.

The mountains are wonderful for hikers and cyclists. Arrive at the right time of year, moreover, and you’ll even be able to enjoy a little bit of skiing.

Lake Bled

This is arguably the most worthwhile corner of Slovenia for tourists. As backdrops go, it’s almost unparalleled, with a gorgeous little church on an islet in the center and an eye-popping medieval castle overlooking the water from atop a hundred-meter cliff.

You can even walk up to the castle from the lakeside via one of three trails. Once there, you’ll be rewarded with a little museum that charts the building’s history, from its establishment in the 11th century to the modern era.


Here we have another picturesque little lakeside town, this time in Austria. There was once a time that Hallstatt could have claimed to be an unearthed gem – but it’s since attracted the attention of the continent’s tourists.

You’ll want to visit when it isn’t quite so busy – which might mean heading down outside of the school holidays.

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