6 Tips On How To Build Your Interior Design Career

A career in interior design promises chances of expressing your creativity and bringing style and finesse into a client’s home which should be a fusion of your vision and their preferences.

Contrary to popular opinion it is not easy to start and run an interior design company or to work as one because commitment and dedication are the mainstays of this profession.

Not to mention that a great deal of passion and learning goes behind bringing different design eras to life and working with various spaces and their possibilities. 

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1. Appreciate A Diverse Sense Of Style

The quickest way for an interior designer to lose business and become dated is by sticking to a single or a group of design concepts.

A successful interior designer should be flexible and versatile, able to create an aesthetic fusion of ideas for a breathtaking design.

If you are too rigid and unable to work with a client to give them the best version of what they want, you will ultimately see poorer results and less word of mouth recommendations.

As an interior designer, you should always be looking into the décor of other cultures and researching new and upcoming trends in the design world. 

Appreciating diversity ultimately plays up your abilities and shows you are willing to change and adapt as the situation demands.

People that appreciate and celebrate diversity are also known for handling themselves well in stress which can often occur if your décor project has a strict deadline and an even stricter budget.

Look up online courses and information for trends that originate from a certain foreign country so you can better understand how to meet your modern client’s needs. 

2. The Sustainable Route 

With increasing awareness of climate change and the detrimental effect on the environment of irresponsible production and business practices, there has been a shift in consumer mindset regarding interior design.

For a successful career in interior design, the individual needs to show a willingness and ability to work with sustainable materials and concepts such as recycled furniture or second-hand décor items, or even hand-made elements. 

Many clients insist on sustainable practices when they hire someone to redo their space or home and appreciate creativity in repurposing used materials so they do not end up in a landfill.

If you really want to go far in your profession never underestimate the value of certifications and courses in getting you there and sound exam preparation can increase your knowledge tenfold and make you more competitive in the market. 

3. The Art Of Communication 

Everyone wants to work with an interior designer who is willing to have several conversations with a client about their needs, preferences, and favorite design concepts.

Communication and personality are one of the top 5 determinants clients pay attention to when they shortlist interior designers for any project.

An interior designer should know how to put clients at ease and show them solutions and possibilities regarding their space instead of imposing his/her own vision on them.

Furthermore, great communication skills are not limited to client interactions but a number of other experts and producers that a designer will work closely with on that project. 

4. Computer Knowledge 

The top interior designers of today have superior computer knowledge and work with designing software that allows them to show various concepts to their clients.

Being a true artist at heart and having the skill to sketch designs and then get them approved by clients makes the difference between a highly successful designer and an average one. 

Most clients nowadays want to see 3D or at least 2D images or models of what their space will look like once the interior designer is done with it.

In the popular interior, décor shows it is often part of the programming to show prototypes and animations so it has become a mainstay of the skills required to be successful as a designer in today’s increasingly visual world.

If you are applying for a job using portals and platforms like Higher Hire, you can mention your computer skills in your CV and work portfolio. 

5. Having A Plan 

Interior design is all about drawing up plans and sticking to schedules. The work of an interior designer is similar to that of a builder in that they need to follow a timeline and make sure everyone in their team of experts adheres to it.

Organizational skills are hugely important for having a lucrative and fulfilling career as many interior designers work on more than one project simultaneously.

To keep track of orders, tasks, and meetings, the interior designer needs to be an expert in managing time and having a planner (it can be an app or saved digitally) to ensure they are not falling behind on any job. 

6. Certifications & Degrees

The field of interior design is a recognized academic degree as well although a few decades ago people were mostly working from their own research and passion for the job.

Obtaining one or more degrees in interior design can really improve your standing in the market and make it easier for clients to trust and hire you.

A certification for interior designers can be in the form of a bachelor’s degree although multiple diplomas can be availed in various aspects of the job or to show specialization in a specific design era. 

Just like architecture, interior design can be specific, numerical, and even involve calculations so certifications play their part in making you more marketable in a competitive industry.

It also helps to take the time to update your resume frequently adding training and courses you have undertaken recently wherever applicable. 

Outlining your previous projects and client testimonials and having a ready-to-go presentation for your work portfolio can help you jump the line metaphorically when clients are interviewing a large number of interior designers for a project.

Never undervalue the importance of networking or seeking a mentor in the industry as that offers tremendous opportunities for professional growth. 

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