How to Look Chic in Comfortable Clothes and Be Effortlessly Stylish Every Day?

Comfort is what we all look for in everyday clothes. Whether we have to fulfill work responsibilities or listen to the university professor detailing Shakespeare’s life, comfortable clothing helps us get through the day. 

But who said comfortable clothes can’t be chic? Who said your only option is to look all baggy and weird? When styled right, even a pair of simple foot slides can turn you into a fashion diva.

So, don’t give up hope of finding comfort with style, and read these 5 tips to look effortlessly stylish every day! 

How to Look Chic in Comfortable Clothes and Be Effortlessly Stylish Every Day

Understand the Casual Chic Style

Casual chic style is a pretty self-explanatory phrase that refers to clothing that offers both comfort and glamor. And, no, there aren’t any special or dedicated clothing items that you should wear with this style.

Any garment can be used; be it boyfriend jeans or a tunic dress, you are free to choose what you want to wear. 

However, there’s one thing you should always remember – casual chic style follows a particular formula. The outfit must include 1 dressy item and 1 casual item. For example, wear a T-shirt with high-waist tailored pants.

This will tone down the sophistication of the pants, making you appear more relaxed yet elegant. Add a pair of shiny slides, hoop earrings, and a tote bag. Voila! Your outfit will have the perfect casual old-money vibe.

Play with Neutral Colors

Gray, beige, white – all of these colors are an ideal choice because neutral colors allow you to be creative. You can mix and match different colors to make new outfits every day. You can also wear them in any season to look timeless and have a classic look.

Just a few tips; combine different fabrics and textures. Also, always choose colors with similar undertones.

Don’t wear a warm undertone top with cool undertone pants and vice versa. It will ruin your entire look!

Fitting Is Not Flattering

Most people recommend tight and well-fitted clothing because it makes you look flattering. But when talking about comfortable chic clothes or any other style, this is not what makes you appear glamorous.

You should first understand your body shape and then choose a garment designed to complement it. For example, if you have a pear shape, try layered clothing and wider necklines.  

Don’t Shy Away from Accessories 

Accessories are the highlight of a casual chic outfit. From gold hoop earrings to layered necklaces, the accessories you choose will make the most contribution to the style aspect of the clothes. 

So, consider all your options – even that special gemstone bracelet that you thought was only for formal events, and accessorize well!

Focus on the Quality of Your Clothes

Lastly, pay attention to the quality of your clothes. Are your clothes made from natural fibers like cotton and wool?

Is the stitching and design great? Does the manufacturer have a good reputation? Think about all these questions when purchasing clothes.

Remember, a high-quality garment may cost you more, but it will last way longer than a cheaper one, making it a better investment choice. 

Julie Higgins
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