4 Tips For Choosing The Right Outdoor Dining Set

If you’d like to spruce up your outdoor space, adding a dining set may be an excellent way to go. This way, you can create a space to relax and share good meals with family and friends while enjoying cool or warm weather. 

4 Tips For Choosing The Right Outdoor Dining Set

How To Pick An Ideal Outdoor Dining Set 

Selecting the best outdoor dining set for your home may be challenging, especially if you’re a novice buyer. However, the process can become much easier and more fun with guidance.

In this article, you’ll find some tips that may be helpful while choosing your outdoor dining table and chairs. Read on to know more.

1. Identify How Much Space You Have

Before buying your outdoor dining set, you must consider how much space you have. Therefore, you should first measure the area you’d like to place your chairs and table. While doing so, ensure there’s enough space for people to move the furniture. 

Additionally, it may be recommendable to space your chairs 24 inches apart for personal comfort. Besides that, it might also be advisable to leave at least 30 inches of open space if your set is near a poolside edge or walkway.  

2. Choose Suitable Furniture Sizes And Shapes

After identifying how much area you have, the next step is to choose a dining set suitable for your space. In this case, the size of your furniture plays a critical role.

If you have a larger area to put up your set, a large outdoor dining table and wider or medium-sized chairs may be suitable. However, narrower or small-sized furniture might do if you have limited space. 

The shape of your dining table is also something you should consider. Usually, this depends on the space available and what you intend to use in your set.

In most cases, circular tables work well for smaller areas. They allow people to sit closer together, creating an intimate atmosphere. 

On the other hand, long rectangular or oval tables offer a formal feel and are good if your space is larger. These are suitable if you intend to have dinner guests.

They allow you to have more chairs for your visitors and there’ll be enough personal space for everyone. In some cases, you may find oval or rectangular tables with extensions. Such allow you to accommodate extra guests. 

3. Consider Your Climate When Choosing A Material

In today’s market, you’ll find dining sets made of different materials like wood, resin wicker, cast aluminum, mosaic, teak, iron, recycled plastic, and metal. Your location’s climate may determine what material is most suitable for you.

For instance, wood might not be good if you live in a wet area. This is because it’ll easily rot and get stained. However, if you’d like such a material, teak could work for you.

It’s moisture, insect, mold, and rot-resistant. These characteristics make it more durable. Another alternative you could consider is recycled plastic.

This material might also withstand rot and moisture. Besides that, it’s also believed to be cracking, fading, and stain-resistant. 

If you live in a warmer area, resin wicker may be more suitable. This is because it might not be susceptible to sun and heat damage. Another material that can withstand sunlight and doesn’t get hot is wood.

If you stay in a location with strong winds most of the year, an aluminum outdoor dining set may not be suitable because it’s lightweight. Instead, choose one made of iron because the material is much heavier.

4. Compare Prices Before Buying 

Lastly, ensure you compare prices before buying your dining set. In most cases, your furniture’s design, size, and material may determine how much your tables and chairs cost.

Some people go for expensive items because they consider them of a higher standard. However, this assumption might not be accurate all the time because you may find less-priced furniture that’s of excellent quality. 

Therefore, to ensure you’re buying high-grade tables and chairs at a reasonable price, check how much your preferred set costs in different e-commerce stores. Besides that, visit several brick-and-mortar furniture shops around your area to check the price of your desired set. 


Having a dining table and chairs on your patio, deck, or poolside can enhance the look of your property. Besides that, you’ll also have a place to enjoy meals with loved ones as you chat and relax.

That said, choosing furniture for this space can be challenging, especially if you’re a novice buyer. For this reason, this write-up provides some tips on choosing an outdoor dining set. 

Before you pick your tables and chairs, consider the above recommendations.

Doing so could help you select an affordable and durable set of the right size and shape that perfectly fits your space. Overall, this guide could help you choose the ideal outdoor dining set for your home.

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