Best Couples Halloween Costumes [2024]

As Autumn and pumpkin spiced season is upon us, now is the perfect time to start planning your all-important couples Halloween costume.

Whether you’re planning to attend a spooktacular party or host your own, your costumes should be carefully chosen to reflect your friendship or relationship dynamic.

If you need some help getting into the ‘spirit’ this Halloween, look no further, as we uncover this year’s hottest couples costumes, guaranteed to make heads roll.

Couples Halloween Costumes

Barbie & Ken

Hey Barbie! Taking the world by storm, everyone’s favourite blonde bombshell had her movie in 2023. The film featured some iconic looks for both Barbie and Ken, from the matching all-pink cowboy fit to Barbie’s statement pink gingham dress.

This duo can be easily replicated with items you’re likely to already have in your wardrobe. If you’re Barbie, think pink and pull out anything in your wardrobe that will match. For Ken, channel Mojo Dojo Casa with a fur coat and bandana.  

Rue & Jules

One of Euphoria’s most adored couples, Rue and Jules (played by Zendaya and Hunter Schafer) can easily be imitated this Halloween.

If you’re the more laid-back one in your relationship or friendship Rue might be the look for you. You can easily create this look with a hoodie and a pair of baggy shorts.

For the more outgoing character, Jules represents all things cosmic glitter and gold. There’s never a dull moment in Jules’ wardrobe so experiment with colours, fabrics, and patterns in your wardrobe. And don’t forget your Euphoria-styled make-up!

Simon & Daphne

Everyone’s favourite period drama love story Simon and Daphne wowed Bridgerton viewers with their undeniable chemistry and raunchy scenes.

Daphne’s elegance and charm paired with Simon’s rugged gentlemanly style make this the perfect couple to recreate this Halloween.  

For Daphne, throw on your most elegant evening dress and pair it with long gloves and plenty of jewels. And for Simon, complete your look with black riding boots, a loose-fitting white blouse, and a sophisticated waistcoat.

Wanda & Vision

One of Marvel’s biggest power couples Wanda and Vision stormed onto our screens in 2021 and is expected to be a popular couples costume this Halloween. The beauty of this couple is the different eras throughout the series that you can replicate with your significant other, from the vintage 1950s to the girly 1960s and colourful 1970s.

Mitch & Cameron

Lastly, one of TV’s most loveable couples, Mitch & Cameron from Modern Family could be the answer to your Halloween costume queries. Not only could you easily recreate their look from items you’re likely to already have at home (such as a checkered shirt and jeans), but you could turn heads in their classic wedding suits.

Whether you’re looking for a trick or treat this Halloween, dressing up as your favourite fantasy couple is a great way to get into the spooky season festivities.

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