5 Great Customized Gifts Moms Love

Looking for the perfect gift? Give something from the bottom of your heart, and something that bears your handwriting and is personal.

Each mother deserves to be sprinkled with endless love and high respect. Prove your gratitude without words by choosing a beautiful customized gift, that speaks volumes about how much your mother or the mother of your child means to you.

Getting the best gift for your mother can be a difficult task, as they often prefer something practical that, apart from being a decorative ornament, will make their daily life easier.

Of course, today there is a limitless selection of gift ideas that moms will love. There’s always something for every type of mom, no matter what her profession, interests, or hobbies are.

However, having these many options may be to your disadvantage as you may have a hard time choosing the best gift.

Express your highest love and appreciation to your mom with these simple, but special and thoughtful ideas we are sure she will absolutely adore!

Great Customized Gifts Moms Love


A soft photo blanket just like the hugs she gives you. She will be pleasantly surprised by this gift. On one side it is a practical cozy gift she can use every evening while reading a book or watching TV.

And on the other hand, it will be a sentimental present thanks to personalization. You can add a remarkable quote she is using, or a line from her favorite book.

Coffee Mug

Moms love to have their coffee or tea in a special mug. Make her favorite hot beverage taste even better with a personalized mug.

You can decide to add a photo, or just write her a special dedication, so her mornings will be lightened up by your love.

Customized T-shirt/ Sweater 

Personalized t-shirts or sweatshirts are perfect when you want to impress someone. Consider designing something your mom will love: her favorite band, a cartoon character she loves, a sports team, or even a fun, catchy and cool design.

Cooking Apron

Cooking Apron is a practical and cool gift to your mom, especially if she loves cooking. With this customized gift, she will have another reason to cook like a real master chef!

Personalized Planner/ Notebook/ Recipe Book

A personalized notebook, planner, or recipe book is a thoughtful  gift that will inspire your mom. It gives so much opportunity to create a simple notebook or planner into a priceless source of love. You can add a collage of images that inspire your mom, and design the cover according to her personal interests and hobbies.

Not least to write her a special note inside that will always make her smile. As a supplement, you can add a set of pens, colorful markers, and stickers.


Customized gifts are not only items, they symbolize the fact that you took the time to customize them to their personal taste and liking, rather than going to a store and buying the first thing you think they might like or giving some very generic gift.

For that one special person in your life, it’s worth the extra effort and cares when selecting a gift she will truly remember you by!

Julie Higgins
Julie is a Staff Writer at momooze.com. She has been working in publishing houses before joining the editorial team at momooze. Julie's love and passion are topics around beauty, lifestyle, hair and nails.