How To Decorate Your Backyard For An Outdoor Anniversary Party

When setting up for a party celebration, there is no denying that the setting for any celebration, particularly an anniversary, may seem better when done by others.

However, there is often planning that we don’t think about that can often make things more complicated than they seem – trying to look for a venue, then trying to plan and book the day of the event so that it doesn’t conflict, and then sending out invites and overall costs. 

While having an anniversary party at a venue can seem like a glamorous affair, sometimes it can distract from the main reason you are having the party in the first place.

While any length of a marriage is cause for growth, happiness and reflection, this is more evident with a milestone anniversary. 

With that said, it can sometimes be about getting back to the roots of the humble home that can make for a blissful celebration, and it doesn’t have to cost the salts of the earth or your labour. 

How so? Well, I’m glad you asked. Read on to find out.

How To Decorate Your Backyard For An Outdoor Anniversary Party

Create A Feast Fit For The Whole Family

We all know what a people-pleaser a good outdoor kitchen BBQ can be, especially with how much outdoor entertaining has become a staple in modern society. 

The bonus of having an outdoor kitchen is that you can cook and adorn your table with a feast fit for the occasion and which will suit the whole family. 

A great outdoor setting can be completed with comfortable seating and a table setting to embellish the celebratory feast. 

Overall, this way, family and friends will be able to mingle, instead of the old days of being stuck in certain areas before all coming together to dine. This allows for free-flowing conversation and a more relaxed occasion. 

Serve Buffet Style

If you’re inviting the family around for an anniversary celebration, a buffet arrangement  can be a great way to serve the food, especially if you plan on going for a family-centred BBQ plan for the occasion.

This can be a real people pleaser as it allows guests to eat what dishes suit them and allows you to make a versatile menu. 

You can also show the growth of your  family with the concept of bringing a dish to share, and by serving food that doesn’t need cutlery, you allow for pretty serving trays on which to hold them 

Make Your Table Setting and Decorations a Reminder of Growth

Celebrating your milestone anniversary at home can make it a time to reflect on how far you have come in years of marriage. 

Flowers are a great display of showing growth and the blossom of something of beauty, especially as it shows patience and growth of life and how it showcases its beauty. 

A great way to visually display this around the backyard is by placing the setting against the backdrop of backyard trees and by putting a beautiful floral arrangement as the centrepiece. 

A way to make it even more special can be by using a similar arrangement to the flowers that were used on your wedding day. 

A Colour Palette or Theme that Matches the Anniversary Milestone 

A great way to decorate for an outdoor anniversary celebration is to fit a theme or use a range of colours that suit the occasion.

This can be in the form of colours or materials that you use, such as green balloons to mark the achievement of an emerald fifty-fifth wedding anniversary.

If you were given certain wedding gifts and you’re marking a significant milestone that can be represented through decorations, use them. 

For 25, use your good silverware and silver balloons, or those such as crystal glassware for a 15th anniversary. 

To mark 30 years, have a tea party luncheon and use the fine china. Just be careful when handling it. 

Make Family a Central Focus

When my grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, it was certainly a golden opportunity to gather memories of how much the family had grown.

Throughout those years together, they had raised eight sons to adulthood and, by that stage, had become the proud grandparents of multiple grandchildren. 

To commemorate and celebrate this milestone, everyone attended the anniversary celebration at the house that they had bought and which much of the family had memories of growing up in.

The party was adorned in golden decorations and family photos were taken and put on display. 

These gestures of celebration and honouring your family can be a great means of reflection and add sentimental value to the special occasion.


Therefore, when you want to make a great setting for your milestone anniversary, a central focus on family and growth can remind you of what has come from a great marriage and what is your future. 

Julie Higgins
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