Space-Saving Secrets: Desk Ideas for Smarter Small Space Living

Working from home can mean fitting a desk in a small space, whether it’s an extra closet, guest room, or basement wall. Keeping that tiny workstation organized and useful is another challenge. 

It’s easy to make the most of limited space with these small-space desk ideas, which utilize unexpected areas and add design upgrades like colorful wallpaper to make your tiny office a place to sit down and catch up on work or household chores.

 From wall-mounted shelves to convertible desks, there are plenty of built-in desk ideas to make the most of a small space. With the right design and organization, even the tiniest of spaces can be transformed into an efficient workspace.

Working from home is also very beneficial for many of us because we can manage house chores along with office work at the same time, and there will be no need for commuting.

Despite this benefit, some of us also face challenges regarding whether to set up a desk permanently or keep it functional to work for other things as well. 

That’s why we are here with some space-saving ideas that will help you design a living space for your own comfort. Check out these ideas that will surely transform your house in a more organized way!

7 Wonderful Space-Saving Ideas For Smarter Living Space

Desk Ideas for Smarter Small Space Living

A list of 7 ideas to solve your work-from-home challenges in a more convenient way.

1. Foldable Desk

You can use a folding desk to create a dual-purpose space for a temporary period of time, even though it is not the most rigid of furniture pieces. There is no need to worry about storing, cleaning, or transporting these desks. For those who have limited space, these are excellent choices.

With quick-fit materials and parts, folding desks can be assembled quickly before being stored away. The foldable desks can also be easily transported, making them great for use in multiple locations. They are lightweight and easy to carry, making them an ideal choice for those who need a portable workspace.

2. Turn a Closet into a Desk

With just a few add-ons, you can transform a small closet into a spacious and inviting workspace. There are bright blue barn doors on this closet-desk hybrid, which can be pulled shut so you won’t have to stare at your work once your day’s tasks are over so that you don’t have to settle for staring at it. 

The interior of the cabinet is furnished with a floating work surface, a set of shelves, and two sconces for task lighting and storage for a writing surface. The installation of funky wallpaper in the staff room gives it some personality and makes it a focal point of the office.

3. Small Desks

There are a lot of options when it comes to office desks, but folding surfaces are a great choice when space is limited. The small desk is equipped with casters so that it can be rolled to any place that you need it. 

It can be moved out of sight if you need to free up some floor space, or you can close it and watch as the mess disappears as soon as it is closed. Besides being a small desk style, it also has plenty of storage space underneath for storing files and documents.

4. Corner Desks 

Designing a corner is always a challenge because corners are always awkward spots. In fact, they are quite small, to begin with, so if you want to open them up so that they can be used as a working area, it can prove difficult – but a corner desk can be a perfect solution for this. 

The furniture is designed to fit into 90-degree corners; these pieces of furniture can provide more than enough surface for you to do your day-to-day duties on a more than adequate work surface.

5. Choose A Comfortable Chair

As far as home office chairs go, some are tall, with extra muscular support and reinforced frames, whereas others can be quite awkward, as they are simply a little too big and bulky to justify their use in small spaces. When you are choosing a compact size chair that gives you both comfort and space, you will find more floor space. 

6. Desk Under Stairs 

In general, under-stair desks make a lot of sense: they are out of the way, unobtrusive, and can even be extremely useful in many situations. It is not uncommon to see individuals use the space underneath stairs as a miscellaneous storage area, but the space does not usually get utilized to its full potential.

Make sure you pair your cleverly designed new workspace with an equally inventive office chair to complete the look.

7. Floating Desk

A small desk can be squeezed between two pieces of furniture to take advantage of unused space between furniture pieces.

If you have plywood or butcher block on hand, you can easily make an inexpensive floating desk from these materials. Install wall brackets, then add statement art and a desk lamp to ground the look. You can store office supplies in nearby furniture units, like these IKEA cabinets.


Make sure that your home office’s walls are white so that you will be able to display photos and pictures to inspire you during your workday.

To maintain the theme, co-ordinating the stand-alone pieces of furniture and accessories, such as the desk lamp or shelf unit, will give the room a sense of balance.  

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