5 Smart Ways to Build Your Emergency Fund

Despite being advised to do so, most people do not save as much as they should for emergencies. The majority of people owe more than they earn, and can easily find themselves in a desperate situation after losing their jobs or experiencing economic hardships. 

While countries like Canada have no free government grants to pay off debt, many other places don’t have these options available. That’s why it’s so important to have an emergency fund available should your job disappear suddenly or should you meet with an urgent circumstance.

You should always put paying for your essential expenses at the top of your financial priorities list. Setting aside savings for a rainy day should follow closely behind. We are going to look at a few ways in which you can build your emergency fund in more detail. 

emergency funds

Reconsider Your Spending

If you already keep a budget, you are already a step ahead of most people, especially if you are aware of your financial situation. However, even though you may have chosen a budget that meets your financial needs well, more is needed.

You need to have a tight budget in order to grow your savings, and you need to find ways to cut corners wherever you can in order to do so.

A decrease in your entertainment budget, a reduction in your internet package, or the release of another monthly payment may help you supplement your emergency fund. In order to reduce your budget, it is necessary to find areas where you can make cuts without sacrificing quality in the process. 

Maximize Your Next Raise

You should apply your salary increase to your savings if you have received a raise. Make an automatic transfer for the extra cash after payroll and tax deductions.

Your new income won’t be sacrificed, and you’ll still get the same amount of take-home cash. With the extra money you are earning, you can increase the resources you have available for an emergency fund.

Pick Up a Side Hustle

You may need to temporarily take on a side hustle if your savings are far behind. If you work a second job, you can boost your savings quickly.

You can build an emergency fund quickly by picking up a side hustle, whether it’s freelancing or working at a local shop.

Sell Items

There are often things around our homes that are unused or unneeded. Start building your emergency fund by getting rid of some of your stuff.

Sell your gently used stuff online or at a garage sale to build your emergency fund. 

Bank Your Tax Refund

The majority of tax filers receive a refund every year. Investing your tax refund in an emergency fund is a great way to put it to use.

Banking your tax refund can help you build a future fund if you are behind on your savings. 

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and the continuing financial recession, more people are struggling with money. Unexpected job loss or financial emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. This means that we all have to work harder to be prepared. Follow these tips to help you build your emergency fund and be more prepared for the unexpected.

Julie Higgins
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