3 Best European Countries for American Expats with Tips for VISA Help

More and more people around the world are becoming excited about the idea of travelling and working remotely. 

With new technologies, the life of digital nomads is becoming more and more tempting. This creates a need for places where they can do so and opens up opportunities for relocation, without having to worry about finding a new job. 

Digital nomad culture is taking over the world, and some countries such as Spain, Malta, and Portugal are the best countries to retire for u.s. citizens and encouraging US freelancers to live and work abroad. 

Choosing a country with good internet access, good restaurants and cafes, good public and private schools and affordable real estate rentals are among the top priorities. Time zones and climate conditions should be considered as well.

We put together this list of the most popular countries not just for digital nomads, but also for those who are looking to retire in Europe, somewhere warm, with a good quality of life.

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1. Spain

Spain is a favorite destination for digital nomads because of its great social life, climate and fresh air. 

The country offers both a party lifestyle and a variety of clubs that you will never get bored of. Same time, if you like quiet, and calm environments there are a huge selection of small towns by the sea and in the mountains that you have not even heard of, but have excellent conditions for remote work.

Spain is a diverse country with a high number of foreign-born residents. 

Expats make up almost 15% of the population and come to the country for a variety of reasons, from an increased standard of living or reduced cost of living to the beautiful scenery and weather.

Access to VISA for American residents is pretty complex, but you can get help from companies who are specialists in the field.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Spain Visa Requirement

There are two main visa types you can apply for if you are planning to live and/or work in Spain legally:

2023 Non-Lucrative Visa – it is the best option if you are already retired. It allows you to live in Spain, but you are not allowed to work. Plus you do not need to invest in a property.

2023 Golden Spain Visa – is suitable for those who are looking for a new working environment. It gives you the opportunity to live and work in Spain, but as an additional requirement you need to proof a property ownership and some additional income securities.

If you’re planning to relocate with kids, it’s also a great idea to check the details for their student visa for 2023 here.

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2. Malta

Malta offers a warm Mediterranean climate, a relaxed way of lifestyle and a rich history. This makes living in Malta a real pleasure. 

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily, Malta offers all the benefits of being a full member of the EU and Schengen member states, having English as one of its two official languages and a climate that many seek throughout the year. 

Malta is also very well connected with most international airlines, making travel to and from Malta easy.

  • Malta Permanent Residence Program:

 it allows non-EU citizens to obtain Maltese permanent residency, after they provide a proof of property ownership or long-term rent contract. In addition, you can make a financial contribution to the Maltese Government, and make a donation.

  • Maltese Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services: 

This program allows non-EU citizens to apply for Maltese citizenship through investment. In order to do so, you need to make an exceptional direct investment of a minimum of €600,000 or €750,000, depending on the residence period selected 12 or 36 months.

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3. Portugal

Portugal is the top choice in the past two years for American expats. The country has excellent health care, social life, and low air pollution. 

There are excellent beaches and seaside towns with excellent internet, great food and local drinks and very friendly people, most of whom speak English fluently. 

Portugal also created the first town for digital nomads in the island of Madeira. 

For people who wish to live and work in Portugal, for example in Lisbon, Porto or along the Algarve coast, there is also a large and established community to interact with. 

Lisbon is teeming with digital nomads, with Porto the second most popular.

Portugal is an attractive and popular place – not just for digital nomads to move to – but for a wide variety of people in very different circumstances.

Not only is it a beautiful country offering an attractive lifestyle, but it also offers the popular Non-Normal Resident (NHR) program, which allows individuals moving to Portugal to enjoy tax benefits once they move here.

The Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program allows you to live, work and study for a five-year residence by investment program for non-EU nationals. As additional benefits, this program allows free circulation in Europe’s Schengen Area.

So, have you made up your mind which country would be the ONE for you? If you want to explore even more relocation options, check this list which highlights details for US citizens. 

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