5 Fashion Items We Were Loving this Summer

Summer style should be a free expression of your state of mind. It is the most flirty season, and it is the time to be a little bit more careless, and casual. 

It’s about flexibility and feeling good, even when you don’t put too much effort into your outfit. Sometimes when you wear your favorite T-shirt, colorful shorts, and your favorite Siren sandals turn out to be the most stunning outfit. 

Improvisation is your best friend in the summer and gives you the chance to glow and shine no matter if you are on the beach or having lunch with friends. 

However, there are some essential fashion items to have in your closet to be able to get dressed in less than five minutes. You’ll probably say you have dozens of T-shirts and shorts, but this is not all you need. Do not forget about the summer dresses, swimsuits, and chic shoes. Because no matter if you go on the beach or hang around with your besties, you deserve to be remarkable. 

Summer is always colorful and a great chance to show off your accessories. Playful clips, bright accessories, and comfortable bags were top accessories. The magic of the accessories is not only to combine perfectly with each other. But to make your outfit look perfect. Here are the top 5 fashion items we got in our summer closets that we are waiting to wear again next summer.

5 Fashion Items We Were Loving this Summer

The Ultimate Summer Dress

You need a summer dress. Whether in floral motives dots, or stripes, short, or maxi dress, you need it to feel like a princess. 

You can combine it with elegant heels for special events or wear it with comfortable sandals or sneakers for your romantic date. It is good to have at least one dress you can use for any occasion. 

The Timeless Silk Scarf

The only accessory you need to freshen up your outfit. A silk scarf could be worn as a belt on your denim shorts, you can roll it up and wear it as a bracelet. Of course, it is a top accessory for hairstyles, and not least you can even wear it as a top. 

The Chic Shoes

Working from your home office changed your entire style.

Wearing heels turns out to be something rare, and you stick to comfortable shoes like sneakers, sandals, and ballerina flats.

Models that are actually beside the comfort, are super chic and easy to combine in any style. 


If you are one of those people who do not go out without their sunglasses, then you know what I am talking about. 

Although the weather sometimes does not offer so much sunlight, this does not mean that you should forget about this accessory. 

Have a pair in your bag or on your head, just in case when the sun shows up. Rounded models were extremely popular this summer. 

Beach Tote

There is no other significant sign of the summer in the city like a big woven bag, made of rattan, raffia, or other natural material.

And don’t think they are good for the beach only. This summer showed us great street styles with these types of bags.

Besides their interesting shapes and models, they hold everything you need for the whole day.

Julie Higgins
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