Fireplace Decorating Ideas That Might Interest You

A fireplace does more than merely warm you on a cold winter’s night. It illuminates your living room and provides a metaphorical sense of warmth unmatched by any other item you could ever hope to place inside your home.

Moreover, it harks back to an age-old tiem when families would gather around the fireplace and discuss matters of farming and how to avoid catching the black death. Nowadays, the conversation might be a little brighter and focus more on memes, but the fact remains that it’s a wonderful place to hang around with your loved ones and be with one another.

This post will take a look at some exciting ideas for fireplace design that you can incorporate into whatever location you choose to place it.

Fireplace Decorating Ideas

Before You Start, Consider The Style You Want To Achieve

You can be forgiven for believing that all fireplaces are the same. After all, they change energy into heat and light, just as they always have and will always continue to do so.

However, while this may be true in the scientific sense, when it comes to pure aesthetics…you are in for a treat!

At its most fundamental level, you can choose between something vintage, which is what you might imagine when you think of a fireplace, or going sleek and modern.

Regarding the former, this will be perfect if your home fits into a more rustic style. However, when it comes to cutting-edge design, you can really have some fun.

Furthermore, you will have to select your style carefully if your idea is to create an outdoor firepit. Outdoor fireplaces require more forethought since they will be regularly exposed to different weather conditions.

One option would be to use specialized materials such as a fireglass. The beauty of fireglass is that it’s able to endure a vast array of climactic conditions ranging from the hottest summer days to the most frigid winters and still look fantastic if well-looked after.

Moreover, if you decide on an outdoor firepit, your design choices will alter slightly since they will need to meet your garden’s aesthetic rather than your home’s interior.

Once you have chosen indoors vs. outdoors or modern vs. rustic, you can begin considering how to turn a traditional fireplace into a true centerpiece.

Interior Design Ideas

Here are some exciting ideas you can use to accentuate your interior fireplace into a place you will be happy to congregate around.

Hang A Wreath Above Your Mantle For An Inviting Winter Vibe

Nothing quite says winter like a wreath. These are traditionally made using natural materials, but these days you can often find very realistic, artificial options that will last all year round and still look amazing.

Use A Large Mirror To Reflect The Fire And Make Your Space Feel Larger

Mirrors have been used for centuries above or near fires to project the light further and develop a far more spacious feeling. Interestingly, mirrors now tend to be associated with modernity and contemporary design, meaning they might fit better inside a home with a more stylish feel.

Add A Cozy Rug In Front Of The Fireplace To Complete The Look

If you are installing a fire for its warmth rather than its aesthetics, you can add a cozy rug to curl up into when the weather begins to cool down. According to some, a soft rug by the fire is a great way to get intimate with a partner…

Exterior Design Ideas

As previously stated, an outdoor fireplace will require a slightly different outlook than one inside.

Hang String Lights Around The Fireplace To Create A Different Ambiance

Fairy lights, string lights, or whatever you call them, have become a must-have item over the past few years. When paired with a fire pit, you will have the makings of a true sociable are fit for hosting evening parties whatever time the sun decides to go down.

Place A Few Potted Plants Around The Fireplace For A Natural Touch

Like all the options in this post, this tip will depend on the overall style you have chosen. Nevertheless, it never hurts to place a few plants and shrubs nearby if you want to create a feeling of natural beauty.

Just be careful where you place them, and select hardy varieties that can withstand the heat if they are very close to the fire.

Place Candles Around The Place To Aid In The Atmosphere

If you want to create a space where you can go and unwind after the rigors of the day, candles can add a je ne sais quoi that will calm your mind and help you to drift away from this earthly plane and to a happy place!

Fires are a magical addition to any home, but if you want to get the most from them, you must think carefully about what you want to achieve.

Hopefully, this post has given you some suggestions inside and outside, allowing you to make a more informed choice and come away with something you are happy with.

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