Practical Gadgets And Accessories To Prep Your Car For Long Drives

Everyone takes a long drive at least sometimes. Maybe it’s for a vacation or perhaps you travel a lot for your job. 

As you plan for the trip, you naturally pack everything that’ll make the ride better. But don’t forget to add some special accessories to your car to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

There are all kinds of car accessories on the market, but there is a difference between what looks nice in the ads and what’s useful. 

We have a list of accessories that actually match their hype.

Practical Gadgets And Accessories To Prep Your Car For Long Drives 1

1. A Car Boot Organizer

This one is a catch. One of the most annoying things about road trips and everyday trips is having to dig through a bunch of stuff in the boot to find what we need. 

Keeping your trunk organized will save you time and hassle, especially on long rides when you’re carrying a load of things along. That’s why everyone needs a car boot organiser

It’s best to get one that is collapsible and has flexible storage compartments. This is ideal for organizing the basic tools you have in your trunk or all that stuff you’re bringing for your road trip. 

It’s also a nice gift for anyone who drives.

2. A Dash Cam

There are several reasons a dash cam is a must-have. For a vacation or a day trip, you can capture the scenery on the way. 

For everyday driving, it can protect you from being liable if an accident happens and you’re not at fault. Video footage is proof of what happened, and can prevent a he-said-she-said battle in court or with the insurance company. 

Just save yourself the headache and get a dash cam.

3. Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Carrying a full-sized vacuum to clean your car can be a pain. That’s why a portable vacuum is a must-have. 

The best part is that if there’s a nasty spill on the way, you won’t have to wait to get home to vacuum your car. You can come back from the vacation with one thing less to do.

4. Portable Phone Accessories

We take our phones everywhere now. Phone accessories are unavoidable on road trips too. Get a few, especially for your car, and you’ll have to worry less about leaving them behind. Must-have accessories include:

  • A Smartphone Mount
  • A USB Car Charger or Adapter
  • Portable Battery Pack

A smartphone mount is useful if you have to answer a quick call, while portable charging devices keep your phone charged just in case. 

Keeping these things in your car helps when you least expect them. 

5. GPS

A separate GPS device may seem out of date, but it’s still useful.

Distracted driving is dangerous and a lot of people have a hard time resisting those phone notifications. And who knows when your signal might go out as you travel through a wooded area?

6. Reusable Coffee Flask

This will help the environment and save you money. Why buy a coffee in a plastic cup from Starbucks if you could brew your own?

7. Seat Cover For Pets

Sometimes, you can’t just leave the dog or cat at home. For long drives like these, a seat cover is a must-have. 

Pets tend to lie on the floor and the outside grounds which can track needless dirt onto your seats. You also never know your pet could get an urge to urinate on a long journey. Whatever the case, it’s just easier to clean the seat cover.

Look for something waterproof, so nothing leaks through. 

Other Things to Consider

There are countless things to consider for your travels, but the ultimate choices depend on your habits. Why get portable camping gear if you never go camping? 

Most importantly, just enjoy your road trip. Don’t stress about looking like the coolest person on the road or buying stuff without being sure that you need it.

Julie Higgins
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