4 Tips On How To Get Beautiful Hands and Nails

Have you ever thought about how much care you take in your appearance? Special care for your hair and skin, and how often you forget to take care of the skin of your hands and nails? 

Hands and nails are often the hallmark of healthy skin and youthful appearance and deserve a special care considering how much we use them.

In this article, we prepared a short guide on the basic care for your hands and nails, to keep them looking their best. 

Every day you hydrate your skin and hair through different products. Nails also need hydration to feel and look their best. You can do it in the same manner. 

Drink plenty of water. Buy a good hydrating hand cream and apply it regularly. When you wash your hands, wash your hands with lukewarm water.

Here are our top tips! 

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Apply hand cream after every hand wash. In order not to forget this, keep a tube on the bathroom sink at all times. Massage the hands always while using the cream.

Using the index finger and thumb of the other hand, make small circles.

Do not Overestimate the Quality of Nail Polish

Be careful with the varnish and the quality of the products you use.

Applying varnish to the nail is not harmful as long as it is of good quality and does not contain chemicals. 

The same goes for nail polish remover. If you’re getting a professional manicure, however, make sure your manicurist uses professional, quality products like OXXi

Cleanser and sterilizes all tools properly or open a new manicure set for each client. 

Don’t forget to give your nails a break every month or two, because the constant wearing of gel polish damages the nail plate.

Wear Gloves 

Do not forget to wear gloves during the cold and chilly months of the year. Use rubber gloves while working with detergents or washing dishes. 

Make the use of rubber gloves a habit, as the cleansing products easily dry out the nails and make them brittle.

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Moisturize cuticles 

No matter how much you don’t pay attention, don’t forget to take care of the cuticles around the nails. They protect the nail from external influences, and their care affects the overall health of your nails. 

When damaged, they cause irritations and have an unpleasant appearance. Do not pull and cut them, but best push them using a wooden spatula. Moisturize regularly with argan oil or other natural oils. 

By doing it in the evening, you will notice that in the morning your nails will be nourished and the cuticles will be strengthened and soft.


Nowadays, beautiful nails are an extremely important part of our appearance, many women put a lot of effort to have a beautiful manicure, but sometimes it doesn’t work, because nails, like any part of our body, need specific maintenance.

With these few simple hand and nail care tips will prevent chapped skin and brittle nails from dampening your spirits.

Julie Higgins
Julie is a Staff Writer at momooze.com. She has been working in publishing houses before joining the editorial team at momooze. Julie's love and passion are topics around beauty, lifestyle, hair and nails.